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    Tulsa Air and Space Museum (TASM) ~Tulsa, OK

    Friday, February 16th, 2018


    We ended up buying a membership to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum because memberships usually make more sense than paying what it costs for our large family to go once.

    I am glad we did because part of the museum was not open.

    It would have been really annoying if we did not have the option to come back anyway because it is a really small museum so part of it being closed is a bigger deal than if it was a larger one.

    That being said, the staff in the museum were amazing.

    They had so much knowledge and shared it over and over with my kids!


    They would just finish explaining something to one set of my kids and then turn around and do the same with next set.

    Sometimes doing the same thing three times.

    And he treated even my littlest like they could do it.

    Although it is a small museum there are several hands-on things to do.

    He helped them to “land” this hot air balloon.

    You stand inside a hot air balloon basket and have to pull the ropes at the right time to land on a bullseye.

    There is a small kids area upstairs.

    This is the look she gets every time I take too many pics of her.

    They have a really nice planetarium also and the show was pretty good.

    They ended up adding some stuff to the show and it got a bit long for some of mine.

    I also get motion sick from those shows.


    I am excited about going back when we are studying about the Space Race next month!

    I am actually happy we went before we started our study as well.

    I have found that if you introduce a subject in a fun way before you study it, kids have an easier time learning about it.

    How do you get your kids interested in subjects?

    Tulsa Discovery Center ~Tulsa, OK

    Monday, December 18th, 2017

    Here are some of my favorites from our recent trip to the Tulsa Children’s Museum.

    achild8401bw achildDSC_8416

    We brought a friend with us so she will pop up in some of the pics also.


    They change out exhibits pretty often so it is not the same things over and over.

    I had not been in a while so the only thing not new to me was the tape slide and toddler/baby area.


    My youngest boy spent most of the time building this wagon/sled and the rest of the time giving rides to kids.

    I think if left alone, he would build quietly all day.

    With three little sisters and a brother though that never happens…


    achildDSC_8468bw achildDSC_8480bw

    Dad helped him improve his design a bit so it would be easier to pull.

    Which meant it went faster…


    Have you checked out the Oklahoma Museum Network?

    This is one of the museums on it along with several other really good ones.

    Here are my posts on the others;

    Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum

    Leonardo’s Children Museum

    Museum of the Great Plains

    Science Museum Oklahoma(I don’t have a recent post up yet)

    A walk in the woods, red riding hood, and a president?

    Friday, October 14th, 2016

    aturkeydsc_4166 aturkeydsc_4168

    I went for a hike two days ago and the weather was so perfect, I could not stop smiling.

    Sometimes, I laughed.

    aturkeydsc_4171 aturkeydsc_4179

    The wind would suddenly about blow me over and I could not help but enjoy it.

    Drizzle and a cool wind.

    Perfect fall weather in my book.

    aturkeydsc_4184 aturkeydsc_4195

    I did not see many people on the trail but the ones I saw were definitely memorable.




    aturkeydsc_4211 aturkeydsc_4227

    It’s not everyday you run into Red Riding Hood with the Big Bad Wolf.

    aturkeydsc_4232 aturkeydsc_4237 aturkeydsc_4238 aturkeydsc_4240 aturkeydsc_4241 aturkeydsc_4244

    Or chat with Woodrow Wilson.

    aturkeydsc_4255 aturkeydsc_4257 aturkeydsc_4258 aturkeydsc_4263

    This hike definitely left me with a smile on my face.

    aturkeydsc_4266 aturkeydsc_4267

    You never know what you will find in the woods…