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    A walk in the woods, red riding hood, and a president?

    Friday, October 14th, 2016

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    I went for a hike two days ago and the weather was so perfect, I could not stop smiling.

    Sometimes, I laughed.

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    The wind would suddenly about blow me over and I could not help but enjoy it.

    Drizzle and a cool wind.

    Perfect fall weather in my book.

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    I did not see many people on the trail but the ones I saw were definitely memorable.




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    It’s not everyday you run into Red Riding Hood with the Big Bad Wolf.

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    Or chat with Woodrow Wilson.

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    This hike definitely left me with a smile on my face.

    aturkeydsc_4266 aturkeydsc_4267

    You never know what you will find in the woods…

    Oxley Nature Center, Tulsa Ok

    Saturday, October 31st, 2015

    sign path grass usstroll boardwalktrail lake2 boardwalk marsh

    Mother’s Day!

    Tuesday, May 13th, 2014


    Our second hike for Mother’s Day weekend was on Sunday right after church!

    The Oxley Nature Center is such an amazing place to visit!


    The trails are wide(so not as many ticks on you) and easy.


    I could watch them walk side by side all day.


    I wanted to go through the Blackbird Marsh to the Observation tower to see if any snakes were out.

    You can see a map on their site, here.



    Crossing Warren Bridge.

    You turn left after the bridge to go through the marsh on the boardwalk.



    At the end of the boardwalk right before the observation tower is an overflow pipe.

    We have seen dozens of snakes camped out there before after a hard rain, catching fish that come out.

    There were none this time so we took the trail to the right of the boardwalk around the marsh(Blackbird Marsh Trail) to see if we could find any snakes hanging out.



    We saw two!






    We went back across the bridge and headed to the Blue Heron Trail.

    marshThere were a lot of turtles and geese!

    I am definitely going to head this way again next time.




    This little guy was hiding under a leaf.


    We saw this guy dash across the trail and thankfully my husband was super quick and got a picture of him!

    We think it is a woodchuck?

    What is your favorite local trail to see animals?

    What did you do on Mother’s Day?