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  • And then there were 7 ~Adoption Story (Part 3)

    Right after we got little bit, we found out her twin sisters were separated and that they wanted to place them together.

    Nick asked if I thought it was possible for us to take them.

    I had no clue if we had the room let alone if I could handle three!

    We talked about it and decided to at least try.

    agirlsdsc_0449 agirlsdsc_0493 agirlsdsc_0502

    We started sibling visits right away and were sad to see that the twins did not even seem to remember that little bit was their sister.

    They had also been moved around a lot.



    This was a foster only situation so we had no clue if it would lead to adoption but we decided we really wanted them together.

    agirlsdsc_0461 agirlsdsc_0465 agirlsdsc_0516

    We continued sibling visits while we worked and advocated to get the girls together.

    Finally on July 1st the oldest twin was placed with us.


    We learned to take a family picture right away because you never know when they will leave.

    And no matter how long they were with us, they are family.


    At the end of the same month we got the younger twin.


    I said my max was 4 kids, I have 5.

    Life is funny, and crazy, and amazing.

    But mostly life is about grace.

    Grace for them and grace for me.

    And a lot of chocolate…

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    Adoption Day!

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    5 Responses to “And then there were 7 ~Adoption Story (Part 3)”

    1. Teresa Myer says:

      Sweet Danielle I can do nothing but cherish your journey. I am filled with a joy and a thankfulness for you and your husband. My life is full, challenging, joyful, sad and very lonely but I wouldnt trade this road as it is truly Gods road to travel. Please remember no matter what may come your way you are never a failure you are a vessel that God chose to fulfill whatever they need. there will be the unknowns that He has already equipped you for. Seek Him and He will guide you to His will for them. Love, prayers a many tears from this home to yours….Teresa

    2. Stephenie says:

      Oh I just love reading these posts!

    3. Rimma says:

      Thank you for sharing! Glory to God for all of you! It is an amazing story. I really enjoyed it!

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