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  • Meeting again ~Adoption Story (Part 2)

    7-8 months after I had last seen my littlest (I call her “little bit”), I got a call from my friend.

    Little bit needed a home and my friend could not take her.

    It is one of those heartbreaking decisions that come with fostercare.

    My husband and I were taking a break after 2 placements that were rough.

    Our end goal was adoption and although we were willing to help out when needed we were having difficulty with the way our placements left and the affect on our family.


    So while at a homeschool field trip at a teaching garden, I was taking phone calls and relying info to my husband to try and figure out if we could do this.

    We had said no babies.

    Little bit had just turned one and we needed to know if she could walk.

    I had hurt my back before and we were trying to avoid me carrying someone all day just to be safe.

    There was a lot of yes and no and back and forth.

    My husband had a race that night and we were trying to figure out what to do in the midst of it.

    I finally told him that if there was even a chance she could walk I had to say yes.

    I could not say no to this baby that I had been praying for..

    We said yes and I ran to walmart since we had nothing for one so little.

    I told my friend and she was so happy, she even realized she would be her Sunday school teacher that Sunday and get to see her right away.

    It does not happen often that you get to see your little ones again after saying goodbye.

    Shortly after telling her, I got a call.

    They had found another home, too many people had been looking at the same time and they had said yes to two of us.

    They did not need us.

    My heart broke.

    I would have to make the call to my friend who was so happy that it was not going to happen.

    And I seriously felt done.

    I talked to our agency case worker and told her how devastating this was.

    My friend made a call also.

    We got a call back.

    I texted my friend this picture and the words “they changed their mind” a few hours later.



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    2 Responses to “Meeting again ~Adoption Story (Part 2)”

    1. Stephenie says:

      I remember getting that picture and text as well. It was such a happy moment. So many people were praying for little bit. Including half the teachers in the nursery. They were all excited to see her back.

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