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  • Roman Nose State Park ~Watonga, OK


    The Palo Duro State Park was a hard act to follow.

    I knew any place we stayed after it would probably not seem as great.

    At first, I was not sure about Roman Nose State Park but it grew on me.



    Around the lake is a little bit dirty with trash and the sites are pretty close together but thankfully it was not very busy and we had plenty of space.


    Such a pretty sunset.

    aromanDSC_4968 aromanDSC_4978

    The next day we hiked to Inspiration Point from the visitor center and it ended up being a very pretty hike.

    aromanDSC_4979 aromanDSC_4982

    I like any hike with bridges and boardwalks.


    You do have to watch out for cactus right next to the trail.


    The ground had a blue tint in spots.

    aromanDSC_4995 aromanDSC_5004 aromanDSC_5007 aromanDSC_5012 aromanDSC_5029 aromanDSC_5032 aromanDSC_5057

    Beautiful view at the top.

    aromanDSC_5059 aromanDSC_5063 aromanDSC_5069 aromanDSC_5075 aromanDSC_5084_01

    You can actually rent a teepee to sleep in!

    They are available to rent in the summer.

    I would not be able to do it because the bottom has gaps and I would worry about snakes all night but I am sure the boys would think it was awesome!

    aromanDSC_5171 aromanDSC_5230

    The nice park ranger told us about the springs and I was so glad he did!

    It ended up being the highlight of the park for us.

    aromanDSC_5253 aromanDSC_5256 aromanDSC_5258 aromanDSC_5264

    This pool was magic!

    And freezing.

    My kids are crazy…

    aromanDSC_5267 aromanDSC_5280 aromanDSC_5291 aromanDSC_5294 aromanDSC_5297 aromanDSC_5305 aromanDSC_5309 aromanDSC_5326

    The playground is located near the spring.


    I don’t know about your kids but mine have a lot of energy to get out before they get anywhere near the camper!

    Small spaces and energetic children should not mix.

    I pretty much kicked them outside all day.

    aromanDSC_5409 aromanDSC_5418 aromanDSC_5419

    I use these mugs a lot to boil water in the camper.

    They don’t take up much room and boil quickly.

    We got them for backpacking but they have worked great for the camper.

    aromanDSC_5459 aromanDSC_5460

    This ended up being a great stop on our way home!

    If only all my kids did not step in dog poop just as we were leaving…

    We also got a flat tire when we pulled in.


    That is how our trips have gone so far, always something.

    Do you have crazy things happen on all your camping trips?

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