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  • History~Stonehenge

    Since I am teaching history via a timeline, we learned about Stonehenge right after the Sumerian Civilization.

    buildersFor most of the study we just used “Decoding Stonehenge” on Netflix.

    We had tried to watch this a couple years ago but this time the boys seemed to enjoy it better.

    It has a lot of re-enactments of what they think took place at Stonehenge.

    Whenever I think a movie might be a little bit too much for them I always make popcorn.

    Popcorn always makes them sit still longer!

    batmanThey made a model of Stonehenge with the Jenga blocks.

    This really helped them remember what Stonehenge was!

    We also found a good article on kidsdiscover.com.

    It had a quiz at the end that the boys really liked doing.

    I have just recently realized they love online quizzes!

    stonehengeLego men of course needed to be added to our Stonehenge model…

    solsticeSince the video we watched talked a lot about Solstice, I took the opportunity to study it.

    These books, “The Shortest Day, The Longest Day, and Arctic Lights Arctic Nights” were really good!

    I got all three at our local library!

    I also found some really good information and videos about the Solstice at the Teacher Vision Website.

    My only regret was not learning all of this during a Solstice!

    Maybe we will have to look into it again in June when the Summer Solstice takes place.

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