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  • History ~Sumerian Civilization

    booksI really liked the “Ancient Civilizations for Children-Mesopotamia” DVD and will probably get more from this series.

    gilgimeshThe Epic of Gilgamesh was a little too scary two years ago when we studied this last so I was pretty excited we got to read some of the stories this time.

    The Last Quest of Gilgamesh” touched on the flood myth, which is what I really wanted to read about since it has many similarities to Noah’s Flood.

    We are still finishing “The Golden Bull” but so far it is a really good read!

    It is about two children in the city of Ur and when it describes the city and different parts of their life we look it up in our reference books.

    It really makes that time period come alive.

    pomAfter learning that they ate Pomegranates I bought one for the boys to try.

    I found this really great tutorial on how to open them.

    eatingThe boys liked it a lot!

    messAs you can see from this boys face.

    writingI had the boys try their hand at Cuneiform again also.

    All you need is some Air Dry Clay, Pictures of what it looked like, and Chopsticks.

    tablet2They used reeds to make the impressions for the real thing but I found the edge of a chopstick worked pretty well.

    presstabletlookingCuneiformTabletsMy youngest really enjoyed making his!

    He wanted to do more but I did not really want to use up all our clay on this project!

    Because I am sentimental, here are some pics from when we did this project over two years ago!

    oldest lasttime oldThe cuteness is a bit too much for me…

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