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  • Wilson Trail, Keystone Ancient Forest ~Prue, OK

    trailAfter we heard that the Keystone Ancient Forest had a new trail open we decided to go check it out.

    We had gone last year when everything was dormant and were not sure it was for us because the trails were just too easy.

    treesThe Wilson Trail was listed as very rugged though so we were pretty hopeful.

    trailentranceTo get to the start of the Wilson Trail you first need to go on the Chandler Trail and then the Frank Trail.

    The Wilson Trail is on the left where the fire access road and the Frank Trail intersect.

    wilsontrailIt is a .90 mile loop.

    wilsonwarningI thought the warning sign was good.

    We really like rugged trails.


    rocksIt started dropping and having a lot of rocks.

    In other words, fun!




    beautifulThis was an absolutely beautiful trail.

    day12I did not want to leave.

    Plop a cabin right on the that hillside for me and I would be happy as a clam(why is a clam happy?).


    upWhat goes down…



    sunlightWe will definitely go on this one again!


    mapWe went ahead and went to the end of the Frank Trail, it ends at an overlook with information about Washington Irving’s exploration of the area.

    ringneckedThis little Ring-Necked Snake was sunning on the trail.


    Yes, I laid on the ground with the snake to get a shot…

    onthegroundSince we did all three trails we ended up with over 4 miles total.

    They are only open on Saturday’s so be sure to check out their site before you head out.

     If you want something easy be sure to check out the Childers Trail, it is paved and only .60 miles.

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