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  • War of 1812

    Last month we learned about the War of 1812.

    Here are some of the books we used.

    The Town that Fooled the British and The Battle for Saint Michaels are about the same event.

    It is about a town that hung lanterns above their houses so the British ships would fire to high.

    They saved the town.

    It is an amazing piece of history and both books were really well written so I did not mind reading about it twice!

    I had my oldest read The Battle for Saint Michaels for his reading.

    I was really excited to introduce the boys to the story behind the Star Spangled Banner!

    It is a piece of history that really stuck with me when I was a child and made the song come to life.

    The Star Spangled Banner Illustrated by Peter Spier has pictures to go along with the song.

    I was really wanting a book that did that so the boys would see what the words were saying.

    We also listened to the Audio story about it from Adventures in Odyssey’s American History series.

    SO GOOD!!!

    I cried…

    I do not remember hearing the story of Jean Laffite before.

    It is amazing.

    The pictures are beautiful and the story well written.

    It also introduced the boys to Andrew Jackson so I really liked that.

    Do you have any favorite books on the War of 1812?

    The only downside of learning about this war and the Revolutionary War is my sons think the British are evil.

    It is really hard to explain big pictures and something being a long time ago to a 5 and 6yr old!

    I am hoping they do not attack someone when they say they are British…

    I forgot!

    I found this really good site with a great game for kids to play about the war of 1812!

    Check it out!

    Our Flag Was Still There

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