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    Forestry Departments “Walk in the Forest” ~Turkey Mt. Tulsa, OK

    Tuesday, October 25th, 2016


    We went to a previous Walk in the Forest event by accident.

    It is so much fun though I am glad we stumbled upon it that first time.

    And that we got invited this time!


    They had these trail books that the kids could fill out for a prize at the end.

    awalkdsc_4761 awalkdsc_4771

    The boys really liked this stump with not just dates for the tree rings but what was going on at the time!

    Such a great idea.

    awalkdsc_4776 awalkdsc_4777

    There were stations set up throughout the woods with activities and information.

    awalkdsc_4788 awalkdsc_4792

    At this one they learned about the different types of forests in Oklahoma.

    awalkdsc_4797 awalkdsc_4802 awalkdsc_4813

    This one was on invasive plant and insect species.


    They learned about how to tell how old a tree is and that big does not necessarily mean old.

    awalkdsc_4829 awalkdsc_4835 awalkdsc_4836 awalkdsc_4863

    They had a station about all the different products that use parts of trees.

    awalkdsc_4876 awalkdsc_4881

    Then at the end they gave out a little Loblolly Pine!

    I am hoping we don’t kill it.


    The kids got to pick a prize from the prize table for finishing their books!

    awalkdsc_4912 awalkdsc_4927 awalkdsc_4938 awalkdsc_4947

    This is a great event if you have a reluctant hiker or just want to learn more about the woods!

    Make sure you keep an eye on their page for the next one.

    Keystone Ancient Forest ~Sand Springs, OK

    Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

    We decided to head out to the Keystone Ancient Forest Saturday to hike the Wilson Trail again.

    We did not realize until we got there that they were hosting an event called “A Walk in the Forest”.

    Keystone Ancient Forest


    They had people from the forestry dept. and volunteers out teaching people about forests.


    They also had signs with information about the trees and forests and a book about them.






    Our trail was not busy at all!

    We only saw two people on it.




    In our natural environment…




    My youngest wanted me to take a picture of some of the treasure he found since we could not take them with us.

    Most parks and especially preserves do not want you to take anything with you.

    They want it there for everyone to enjoy.



    I need to work with my boys on the proper way to ask questions at events like this.

    They interrupt.

    I also realize that they do not handle evolution well.

    They simply told them they do not believe in millions of years so of course the person stopped talking.

    My husband pointed out that they would learn so much more from listening and asking questions versus telling someone they are wrong.


    The people handled this graciously and with kindness but I am going to work with the boys on how we learn from others more.

    Why am I writing this down?

    I use this blog as kind of a journal.

    I am hoping to come back some day, read this, and realize that I have accomplished my goal.

    How do you work with your children on being good listeners?

    I really do enjoy this place and hope you will go check it out!

    There are nice easy paved paths, easy gravel and dirt paths, and a difficult trail for people like us.

    Something for everyone.

    Check out Sand Springs website for when they are open.