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    Roman Nose State Park ~Watonga, OK

    Tuesday, November 28th, 2017


    The Palo Duro State Park was a hard act to follow.

    I knew any place we stayed after it would probably not seem as great.

    At first, I was not sure about Roman Nose State Park but it grew on me.



    Around the lake is a little bit dirty with trash and the sites are pretty close together but thankfully it was not very busy and we had plenty of space.


    Such a pretty sunset.

    aromanDSC_4968 aromanDSC_4978

    The next day we hiked to Inspiration Point from the visitor center and it ended up being a very pretty hike.

    aromanDSC_4979 aromanDSC_4982

    I like any hike with bridges and boardwalks.


    You do have to watch out for cactus right next to the trail.


    The ground had a blue tint in spots.

    aromanDSC_4995 aromanDSC_5004 aromanDSC_5007 aromanDSC_5012 aromanDSC_5029 aromanDSC_5032 aromanDSC_5057

    Beautiful view at the top.

    aromanDSC_5059 aromanDSC_5063 aromanDSC_5069 aromanDSC_5075 aromanDSC_5084_01

    You can actually rent a teepee to sleep in!

    They are available to rent in the summer.

    I would not be able to do it because the bottom has gaps and I would worry about snakes all night but I am sure the boys would think it was awesome!

    aromanDSC_5171 aromanDSC_5230

    The nice park ranger told us about the springs and I was so glad he did!

    It ended up being the highlight of the park for us.

    aromanDSC_5253 aromanDSC_5256 aromanDSC_5258 aromanDSC_5264

    This pool was magic!

    And freezing.

    My kids are crazy…

    aromanDSC_5267 aromanDSC_5280 aromanDSC_5291 aromanDSC_5294 aromanDSC_5297 aromanDSC_5305 aromanDSC_5309 aromanDSC_5326

    The playground is located near the spring.


    I don’t know about your kids but mine have a lot of energy to get out before they get anywhere near the camper!

    Small spaces and energetic children should not mix.

    I pretty much kicked them outside all day.

    aromanDSC_5409 aromanDSC_5418 aromanDSC_5419

    I use these mugs a lot to boil water in the camper.

    They don’t take up much room and boil quickly.

    We got them for backpacking but they have worked great for the camper.

    aromanDSC_5459 aromanDSC_5460

    This ended up being a great stop on our way home!

    If only all my kids did not step in dog poop just as we were leaving…

    We also got a flat tire when we pulled in.


    That is how our trips have gone so far, always something.

    Do you have crazy things happen on all your camping trips?

    Palo Duro Canyon State Park ~Canyon, TX

    Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

    I heard about the Palo Duro Canyon from clients several years ago and have been wanting to check it out since!


    We arrived as the sun was setting and it was beautiful!

    aapaloDSC_3610 aapaloDSC_3620 aapaloDSC_3628

    The next morning was foggy and still so pretty.


    Since we had to be at the top of the canyon to pay for our campsite, we hiked the CCC trail by the visitors center.


    It seemed like we were on the right trail by the first sign at the trailhead but it was kind of a crazy trail down.

    Not sure if we missed it and were taking some offshoot or if that is what it is like.


    We pretty much slid down…


    We did find a nice path back up that had steps and bridges but when we got to the top they had not unlocked the gate yet!



    We checked out the gift shop/museum for a bit but did not stay long.

    I have found that I don’t enjoy having 5 kids indoors, especially in gifts shops and museums.



    Next up I thought we should check out the Pioneer Nature Trail.

    I could not find the entrance but we eventually found a trail.

    I decided this might be the theme for the trip but on the way out I spotted the trailhead with a nice big sign.

    Apparently, my looking skills can rival my children’s.


    How did I miss this trailhead?

    I will blame it on having five kids.



    We stayed at the Mesquite Campground and it was nice!

    It is a bit more of a drive(which is fun when you arrive at dark) since it is at the very back of the park but it was nice and quiet.


    We saw a lot of roadrunners!

    This one was at our campground.


    I should do a video on organizing your RV kitchen so you can all achieve this look…

    I am more of a hiker and photographer.

    I will just keep to my strengths.


    The sites are nice and big with plenty of room for kids to play.

    aapaloDSC_3808 aapaloDSC_3810

    There is also a nice trail right next to the campground by the bathroom.

    It is called the Camanche Trail but was not on the trail map.

    aapaloDSC_3811 aapaloDSC_3817

    I took the boys on this hike while the girls did quiet time.


    It has some really cool boulders less than a mile in.

    It is an out and back trail but it is pretty long, not sure how long.

    At least 3 miles one way.


    We saw these turkey prints on top of ours on our way back to camp.

    We must have just missed them.

    aapaloDSC_3829 aapaloDSC_3831

    At first, I did not want to bring scooters or bikes camping because it is ONE MORE THING to pack but they are worth the hassle.

    Our youngest son pretty much lives on his longboard while we are at camp.

    aapaloDSC_3834 aapaloDSC_3837

    This is the only hike that I wish we could have done the whole thing.

    It goes up to a rim trail that looks amazing but it was too far for one hike right now.

    Maybe next time.

    aapaloDSC_3838 aapaloDSC_3841

    The part of the Rock Garden trail we did was pretty though.

    aapaloDSC_3844 aapaloDSC_3847 aapaloDSC_3857 aapaloDSC_3860

    It was a beautiful day for hiking.

    aapaloDSC_3864 aapaloDSC_3875

    Next, we went to see the cowboy dugout, I was sure we took the wrong way there but it ended up being the right trail.

    I am pretty sure the only reason I don’t get horribly lost on new hikes is Nick.

    He has saved me from calling for help…

    aapaloDSC_3880 aapaloDSC_3882

    This part of the hike was so pretty.

    aapaloDSC_3891 aapaloDSC_3893 aapaloDSC_3915

    This view never got old.

    So amazing.

    aapaloDSC_3916 aapaloDSC_3932

    The Lighthouse trail was the longest hike we did on this trip.

    It was 2.72 miles one way.

    aapaloDSC_3985 aapaloDSC_3998

    Our kids are still acclimating to the cold.


    Bundled up kids.

    aapaloDSC_4002 aapaloDSC_4016 aapaloDSC_4020

    It was a beautiful hike and pretty easy.

    aapaloDSC_4021 aapaloDSC_4032 aapaloDSC_4037 aapaloDSC_4045 aapaloDSC_4058 aapaloDSC_4072 aapaloDSC_4074

    It just ended though.

    There were signs saying that was the end of the trail, you could not even see the lighthouse rock.

    It was pretty disappointing to go all that way and not really see it.

    There was a small trail that seemed to go out to it but we thought we were not allowed(there were a lot of trails that were not park trails) since it was not marked.

    When we got back to the trailhead I did read that you can go up to the Lighthouse Rock so I think you can go on that trail?

    It was confusing.


    That is the Lighthouse Rock on the left.

    The trail ends on the right and then a small trail goes up that hill.

    I would just ask the park rangers next time if we are allowed to go up to it before starting the hike.


    It was still a pretty hike though.

    aapaloDSC_4107 aapaloDSC_4136 aapaloDSC_4143 aapaloDSC_4173 aapaloDSC_4283 aapaloDSC_4287 aapaloDSC_4299 aapaloDSC_4315 aapaloDSC_4326 aapaloDSC_4349

    I like easy meals when we camp.

    If it involves more than boiling water, I won’t do it…


    aapaloDSC_4360 aapaloDSC_4361

    Unless it is a bday that is.

    I did make the girls cakes in the RV oven.

    I would have bought their cakes but it is hard to find an allergy friendly one.

    aapaloDSC_4363 aapaloDSC_4381

    This Eye Found It game is one of my favorites for camping.

    You race to find objects on your card before the other person.

    The cards also becomes a puzzle though!

    It makes around seven different puzzles.

    Great for small spaces.


    We finally got to scratch off a new state on our travel map!


    In the middle of our stay was the twins birthday but I will do a separate post of that day.

    So we will skip a day to our last hike.


    We hiked about a mile out on the Givens Spicer Lowry Trail the morning we were leaving to head back to Oklahoma.

    aapaloDSC_4830 aapaloDSC_4831 aapaloDSC_4834 aapaloDSC_4837

    That last hike is always bittersweet.

    aapaloDSC_4841 aapaloDSC_4850 aapaloDSC_4862

    I don’t know what I was doing with my hands here but it cracked me up.

    aapaloDSC_4863 aapaloDSC_4869 aapaloDSC_4873 aapaloDSC_4896

    I am so glad we made the trip to see this amazing place!


    Thursday, August 15th, 2013