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    Lake Murray State Park ~Ardmore, OK

    Monday, February 5th, 2018

    We got to Lake Murray on a Tuesday and it was almost empty at Buzzard Roost Campground where we stayed.

    There are several campgrounds all around the lake but this one was recommended online and had a view of Tucker Tower.

    We got a spot on the end with plenty of room for the kids to play.

    Isn’t this an amazing backyard?!

    Tucker Tower!

    The Nature Center by Tucker Tower was closed on the day we got there but they had a small one at the visitor center that the kids checked out.

    We took a hike that started at Pecan Grove.

    I meant to go on the nature trail that started there but went on a different trail by mistake.

    But the trail was pretty and had some fun bridges.


    Here is a look at the campsites.

    They have water and electric and have nice pads and tables but not much privacy.

    It was really nice while we were there but I am not sure I would have liked it if it was full.

    Just keep that in mind if you go there.

    I could not resist Tucker Tower at sunset.

    The twins are usually a handful so I would not have usually taken sunset pics while they were with me but I could not miss this sight.

    And maybe it was the sunset or the water(or the long hike we had just done) but they were pretty calm.

    This boys birthday was the next day!

    10yrs old!

    Love this kid.

    We were heading home that day but wanted to stop at the Nature Center and Tucker Tower first!

    I am so glad we did because they were both beautiful and interesting!

    Tucker Tower is a short walk from the Nature Center.

    I told him he had to wait for us.

    Mostly because I did not want to be left downstairs with five kids…


    It feels like a castle!


    There are two lookout spots on the tower.

    One about midway and the other at the very top.

    Beautiful views.

    Little Bit tried to give it a kiss she liked it so much…

    I really enjoyed our stay at this park!

    It ended up being a perfect halfway point between our house and Dinosaur Valley State Park!

    If you go, make sure you check out Tucker Tower and the Nature Center!

    Here is the video I made of our trip.


    Science Museum of Oklahoma ~OKC

    Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

    We finally made it back to the OKC Science Museum!

    I think it was over a year since our last trip.


    I love this kind of quiet calm area where you can sit and just watch the marble run’s.

    So needed is such a huge place that is often loud.


    My kids will really just sit and watch them for a long time!


    We brought a friend with us so we had six kids for this trip.


    So many great places to invent and explore!


    This girl is way cooler than me…

    ascienceDSC_9765 ascienceDSC_9777

    Yes I take a lot of pictures if I like light.


    ascienceDSC_9793 ascienceDSC_9811

    My second oldest will just stay in one area and quietly work.

    Chaos all around and he does not even twitch.

    I think he could do just one thing for hours.

    ascienceDSC_9821 ascienceDSC_9836

    I was already getting tired from all the noise and people so I found a little corner to sit and take pictures while Nick helped all the children do an art project.

    I am super helpful like that…


    He knows so much, I love watching him explain things to the kids.

    ascienceDSC_9906 ascienceDSC_9932

    We spent so much time in CurioCity that we barely touched the other parts of the museum this time.


    I am so glad that we have such an amazing museum close to us!

    It is such a gift to watch kids learn and explore(while they think they are playing).



    This is an Oklahoma Museum Network museum so if you buy the pass you can get into this one as well!

    We are a large family so we buy a membership to the museum we will go to the most and then add on the OMN upgrade.

    We end up having to buy a few tickets at each OMN museum we visit.

    It is still a really good deal though.

    So many great museums on that pass!

    McGee State Park ~Atoka, OK

    Friday, January 26th, 2018

    We stopped at an Oklahoma State Park on the way to Dinosaur Valley State Park since the drive straight there was a bit long.

    Especially since we leave Friday after Nick is done with work.


    McGee State Park ended up being about halfway and was a beautiful surprise.

    Pine forest, beautiful lake, and a lot of hiking nearby.


    She might need to work on her catch.


    Home away from home.

    amcgeeDSC_0094 amcgeeDSC_0100

    The boys were determined to build a bridge to the big rock.

    amcgeeDSC_0143 amcgeeDSC_0145

    amcgeeDSC_0153 amcgeeDSC_0163 amcgeeDSC_0169amcgeeDSC_0181

    The McGee Creek State Park Natural Scenic Recreation Area is just north of the main park.

    You have to get a permit to hike there though.

    The permits are available at the office and it was a very easy process.

    They do limit the number of permits they give out each day though so keep that in mind if you go during a busy time of the year.

    It was pretty empty while we were there.


    We did the nature trail first and it was a nice easy hike.



    We also went on the west branch hike because they recommended it.



    The boys were asking him questions about inventions almost the whole time.


    They have learned quickly that their dad is much better than I at helping them in that area.


    The twins saw Nick blow a raspberry on Little Bit’s cheek and insisted he do it to them.



    My kids are the best camera blockers ever…


    Such adorable expressions.

    We left after the hike to head to Dinosaur Valley.

    I realized to late that we were supposed to leave right away to make it to the Creation Museum in Glen Rose before it closed!


    It was only going to be open on that day also so we missed it this trip!

    My awesome planning landed us in Dallas at rush hour also…

    I am glad I was not driving.

    If I was driving we would have been pulling over and waiting for night to fall.

    I don’t like traffic.

    Especially with a 30ft trailer…

    A short video of our time there.