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  • My boys and I ~Zoo take 2

    I am joining Emily over at the anderson crew again today to get myself in the shot!

    I thought I would give the information on my camera settings for these pics for a little change.

    Whether you want to know or not!

    These were taken in mid day sun.

    I put the sun behind us.

    The sun reflecting off the bridge did put some light in our faces though.

    The zoo map my boy decided to bring into the pics did an even better job of putting light in our faces!

    I am going to pretend he did it on purpose.

    I took these with my Nikon D300s, 50mm 1.4 lens.

    Aperture was set at 1.8

    Shutter speed 1/4000

    ISO 400 (after getting asked about this I decided I should probably explain! A lower ISO is better for bright light. I had just not changed it from earlier. It does not matter much on my camera

    but if you have an entry level dslr it might make your picture grainy to have a high iso)

    If you have a DSLR make sure you are USING it!

    I like to encourage people to at least keep their camera in Aperture Priority (that controls how much is in focus).

    That way you can at least get those blurry backgrounds for portraits.

    I wore totally impracticable shoes to the zoo this time.

    No tennis shoes!

    I like to step out of the typical mommy uniform sometimes.

    So I wore a skirt and boots!!!

    I have found long skirts work pretty well with my boys.

    I had a pretty interesting incident in a knee length skirt before though…

    Little boys like to wrap their arms around legs.

    Floor length is a much safer choice!!!!

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    5 Responses to “My boys and I ~Zoo take 2”

    1. I like to wear long skirts, too. They *do* work well with children. I agree… knee length… not so much 😉

      These were some very fun shots. I liked the explanation of the reflecting light. Question – why a higher ISO? Is there are reason you didn’t use 100 in the bright, bright daylight?

      • My forgetfullness is the only reason 🙂 We had just been in a dark building and I had the ISO higher for that. I change it rarely and forgot I had bumped it up. It does not really matter much with this camera because it does not show. The low setting on the camera is actually 200 so it is not that much higher then normal.

    2. Terri says:

      What great photos! Your boys are cute 🙂 Found your blog through Embrace the Camera.

    3. Heidi says:

      ha ha! Oh yes, knee length skirts with little boys that like to wrap their arms around your legs, I’ve made that mistake too 🙂

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