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  • History ~Captivity, Moses, the Exodus, and Judges

    booksThe Imagination Station “Secret of the Princes Tomb” is set at the beginning of the Israelites Slavery in Egypt.

    “Tirzah” follows a young Israelite during the Exodus from Egypt and is a great read!

    “Hittite Warrior” is set during the times of the judges, we have not read this one yet.

    I am going to be reading it to them during the summer most likely.

    insideI liked the “Almighty Bible’s” version of Genesis so I bought their Exodus version after we finished Tirzah and had the boys read it as a review.

    It has great illustrations and I like the fact that it has more of the bible verse telling the story instead of paraphrasing.


    actionbibleThis is the inside of the “Action Bible” it is a great bible to give your kids an overview of the whole bible but I do not like how much “interpretation” is going on.

    We worked in some straight bible reading also.

    Science has taken a little bit of a back seat the past couple of months but we did try to study deserts a bit to get a feel for what it would have been like to travel through.

    alldriedupThe Magic School Bus has a book and episode called “Gets All Dried Up” that explains deserts really well.

    ecomazeEcoMazes is a pretty interesting book.


    deserttoobfigureI bought a Safari Toob from Hobby Lobby and let the boys set up a little diorama.

    They got the idea from the Magic School Bus.

    playI actually waited to write this post so we could do this today.

    I kept putting it off but writing a post about it pushed me to get it done.

    labelI looked up the names of everything on the site for the Toob and had them label them.

    labelsIt helped me to feel like they were actually learning something.

    I do not know if they did or not but I feel better.


    biomeWe have not done any of the projects in this book but they have some really cool ones!

    I would not mind owning this one.

    We are actually done in a way with school.

    We finished Friday.

    That said, we are doing Math all summer.

    I have decided to take a break from math this week and start up again Monday.

    Anyone else doing some school work this summer?

    That way I do not feel all alone…

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