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  • He made me an entertainment center!


    After we bought my baby a new tv the old entertainment center was not cutting it.

    Especially since the tv was resting on it!

    He mounted it to the wall and designed an entertainment center around it!

    First piece!


    Have I mentioned how much I love that my husband designs and builds me anything I want?

    Because it is awesome!

    I have been reading a lot about minimalism and tiny house living.

    It has really helped me to see what is important to me and what is just taking up space.

    I decided to fill most of the shelves with things that mean a lot to me or I like a lot.

    I have been collecting old books since I was a teenager.

    I love the history wrapped around an old book.

    I have been given many as gifts from people I love.

    So many memories in these beautiful books.

    I put gifts from my families travels on these shelves as well.

    All of my siblings and I went on missions trips as teenagers.

    They were nice enough to bring back gifts for each of us.

    Each little gift makes me think of the sibling that gave it to me.

    My Grandma gave me the teapot.

    One of the books under the tea cup is very special to me.

    My Grandma’s childhood bible.

    It has been hiding on a bookshelf not standing apart at all until now.

    Of course I collect old cameras!

    I love my new space but most of all I love seeing things that are meaningful to me having a place of honor in my house!

    I have to admit I was shocked at how little I had that meant enough to me to make it to those shelves!

    If you do not love it, find it useful, or find it beautiful, get rid of it!

    I am working on it!

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    4 Responses to “He made me an entertainment center!”

    1. looks great! i have a pretty handy husband also and i love it!

    2. stephanie says:

      I’ve been working on letting go of things to…hence the garage sale last weekend. Love the entertainment center. The design and color are awesome!!

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