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  • Creation Study ~Day 6 Land Animals & Man

    books insidebookAs always we are using the “Answers in Genesis Curriculum for kids” for our history.

    I bought “Dinosaurs for Kids” by Ken Ham for the animal part of our study.

    It goes through the different ages of dinosaurs sometimes giving the evolutionist view as well as the biblical view.

    We have been talking a lot about the fact all animals were created to be herbivores.

    It is something that is easy to forget when you look at a Great White Shark…

    zootrip watchingWe went on a zoo trip at the end of our study and I had the boys point out what day the different animals were created on.

    It was such a simple exercise but so good!

    I also threw out another day once in a while.

    Like “I spy something created on day 3!”.

    It was a tree.

    bobcatWe also watched videos on the Answers in Genesis website.

    You could study anatomy with Day 6, I had thought about it but ended up going easy on our last week of creation instead.

    This study has been so informative for me!

    I love when I get something out of what we are learning!

    I will continue studying the timeline for the rest of the school year.

    Right now we are learning about Jubal and Tubal-Cain.

    I really like how much this gives us the big picture of history in the bible.

    I feel like ancient history and the bible are mostly kept separate from each other.

    But they should be taught together!

    What better way to understand the Israelites slavery in Egypt then to study Egypt at that time?

    Here are the other days of creation and what we did for them.

    Day 1 Light, Day & Night

    Day 2 Atmosphere

    Day 3 Dry land & Plants

    Day 4 Sun, Moon, & Stars

    Day 5 Sea & Flying Creatures


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