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  • Boys Room Before&After

    This is a picture of the boys room from over a year ago.

    Someone(me) forgot to take pictures before everything was taken out for the new floor to be put in.

    After! I love it!

    My husband made the bunk beds(we will get twin mattress’ eventually) and put in Engineered wood floors.

    I did the map wall.

    Please do not look too close.

    I love it, I really do but I am a little too impatient and really bad at planning.

    So there are some wrinkles and maybe not all of the maps are perfectly straight.

    I did find this link from someone that seems to know what they are talking about a little bit more than me if you are interested in how to do this.

    These next two pictures look about the same but I did have their dresser in that spot right before we redid it.

    I just forgot to take a picture…

    The picture on the left is the older one.

    I decided to put the toy bins in their closet now instead of on their bookcase.

    Another attempt to battle the mess of toys that goes throughout the whole house.

    I am hoping that by making them less accessable they will not trip me as often.

    We will see if it works.

    Did you notice the little boy in the picture? I can’t believe how big he has gotten! Look at that little tummy…

    I wonder if I can go back in time?

    Or maybe just make it stand still.

    My new beautiful floors!!!

    My husband did such an awesome job!

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    6 Responses to “Boys Room Before&After”

    1. Dawn Mitchell says:


    2. Elisaebth says:

      Wow great job Danielle and Nick!!! I bet the boys love it:) there cars can fly right across there new beautiful floor!

    3. Lawana says:

      So cool! Nate would love it!

    4. Stephanie says:

      Looks great! I’ve got to see it soon. Let me look at my calander…….hmmm.

    5. Allison says:

      The map wall is genious! So cute and creative….and I don’t see any crooked maps or mistakes. It looks just perfect 🙂

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