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  • Bird Watching

    January and February are peak Eagle watching months in Oklahoma.

    You can see more information that I gave last year, here.


    We went to River City Park again to check out the nest.


    The boys and I have actually gone three times this year already.

    I would rather we learn about an animal while in it’s habitat instead of inside looking at a book or the computer.


    We do bring ID books or books on that animal if I have them though.


    The boys were able to get close enough to this one to actually get an idea of size.

    When it took off we thought it would break the branch!


    I used my zoom lens for all of these so we were actually still pretty far away.


    After viewing the eagles for a while we went down to the river to check out other birds.


    There were a lot of pelicans!


    The boys and I also drove over to the Keystone Dam to see what birds were around there and found an American Kestrel!


    I am not sure about this guy.

    Maybe a Juvenile Eagle?

    Anyone know?

    We usually ID birds using the Merlin Bird ID app.

    It is my favorite educational app!

    You put in information like date, place, size of the bird, color of the bird, and what it was doing, and it gives you a list of possibilities!

    It is great!

    What is your favorite wildlife to view?

    Do you have only certain times of the year you can view them?

    If you go eagle watching, I do recommend you bring binoculars.

    It helps the kids really see the birds!

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