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  • Around my school room/Library/Craft space

    I like to use a space to it’s fullest!

    So I call the room we are currently doing school in a lot of things.

    I do not know if I should be glad or worried that the boys always know what I am talking about…

    I made some small changes over the weekend to our room.

    I made a top for the table to give us some more elbow room and stop things from dropping in between the slats.

    This is what it used to look like.

    It looks totally different, right!

    I bet you did not even know it was the same room!

    Sorry for the sarcasm.

    I had to.

    My poor husband came in the door Friday night after working late and was attacked with requests to cut a table top and throw in a desk while he was at it.

    I decided I need a bigger work area for big projects without loosing too much space.

    So I thought the shelf up.

    I learned it is not easy to tell someone else to build something for you that you only have in your head…

    Sorry BABY!!!!

    It works great!

    I of course decided to spend all weekend rearranging the room!

    He tried to not laugh at me.

    I decided to hang up more of my crafts stuff so I would actually use it!

    Out of sight out of mind…

    I have had those fall stickers for way too many years.

    Time to use them or get rid of them!

    I decided to make our schedule pretty.

    I had it written on a notebook that I kept loosing before!

    It is still currently lost and I was too lazy to look for it so I printed up one.

    Do not ask me how that is less work.

    The globe has nothing to do with teaching my children.

    I just always envisioned my library having a globe.

    I let them look at it once in a while…

    If they do not breath on it.

    I like to have a lot of easy chapter books where my oldest can reach them!

    Sorry about the blurry picture!

    I am too lazy to fix it now.

    Our stack of library books that I am hoping to get through this month and the Alphabet rocks my friend made me.

    Where I keep our curriculum we use daily.

    We are learning about explorers this month so I thought I would put out my compasses and sextant!

    The boys are not the only one’s with toys…

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    1. stephanie says:

      Looks great!!

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