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  • Vikings!!!

    We are doing Explorers this month and I decided to start us out with Vikings!

    We did not take Memorial Day off, instead we took a canoe out and I talked to the boys about exploring, why we would do it, and how.

    They also watched some of the History Channels “Great Explorers” that we got from the library.

    We learned about Navigation at the same time and with that we read a Max Axiom book about Magnetism.

    A book we read that is not pictured is “Asgard Stories Tales from Norse Mythology” that I downloaded for free on my kindle.

    We only read one story out of it but I really enjoyed it.

    I have always liked mythology and the boys are in love with Thor so it worked out really well for us!

    I got the idea for them to draw their own compass from my friend, here.

    It really helped the boys remember directions.

    I found the instructions for how to make your own compass on one of my favorite sites!

    How Stuff Works!

    We also used my husband’s Iphone app Sky View to find where the North star would be. (It was not dark enough before the boys bedtime to see it)

    To end the week we went for a hike and I brought two compasses for the boys.

    They had to find our way in and out and could only tell me where to go using North, South, East, or West.

    Or NW,SW,SE,NE, ect…

    I had them stop about half way through and pretend they did not have a compass.

    They had to tell me how they would get us home using the sun.

    It was early morning so it was pretty easy to tell which way was east and west.

    Then I asked them what we could use to make there own compass if we needed one in the woods and did not have one.

    A frictionless surface(like water).

    Something that floats(like bark).

    A piece of metal(like a needle).

    A magnet.

    My son thought we should make one right then and take apart my camera to see if there was a magnet inside!

    I told him no.

    He said survivorman uses whatever he has to make what he needs…

    If we are in a survival situation I might(might) give up my camera.


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