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    What we wear for cold weather hikes.

    Thursday, January 8th, 2015


    Say it with me!


    Not big bulky snow suits (unless you are someone that never seems to get warm, I guess).

    But base layers.


    It was maybe 30 degrees when the above picture was taken, in the Smoky Mts.

    I am wearing a tank top, running pullover shirt, and a fleece vest on top.

    It was a lot of up hill and other then the fact I should have worn gloves I was comfortable.

    I like my vest because I can zip it up to my chin if I am cold and unzip it all of the way if I am hot.

    When it was really cold, I would throw on a pair of nice long underwear under my pants.

    ontopIn this pic, I opted for gloves and a hat, as well as a fleece jacket to go with my thermal shirt, vest and thicker pants.

    I think I put on long underwear as well.

    The boys are both wearing long underwear.

    My youngest never wore a winter jacket, just that hoodie with lots of layers underneath.

    I don’t like hoodies for my top layer because I can not regulate my body temp as easily.

    You don’t want to wait until you are covered in sweat to cool off in the winter.

    That is dangerous.

    I like jackets and layers with zippers so as I get hot I start unzipping it.

    coldweatherhikesHere is what I would typically wear on a cold weather hike(minus bra and underwear).

    Left to Right: Base Layer(I like to wear something that is a wicking material), Mid Layer(Vest), Outerwear(Pants, Jacket, Gloves, and Hat).

    I like wool socks for almost any weather but I do choose the ones geared more for the cold in the winter.

    I hope this helps someone get out and enjoy a winter hike!

    Winter is one of the most peaceful times of the year to hike in my opinion!

    Plus, NO BUGS!

    snowYou might just stumble upon a fairy land like this as well.

    Don’t wait until spring!

    Do you have any cold weather hiking tips?

    Karina’s Family Christmas Time~Sapulpa Area Photographer

    Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

    Quick post today!

    I cannot believe I am taking this little angel’s 1yr pictures!!!

    I did 8month pics of her this summer so it should not be a shock but she has changed so much since then.