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    Busy Mornings and Pool time.

    Monday, July 31st, 2017

    I took the kids to our church’s campmeeting for the morning services last week.

    Which meant our afternoon’s were filled with getting school done(we are doing year round school).


    We listened to a lot of audio books going to and from the morning meeting.


    Thursday we ended up staying home and some of the kids played in the kiddie pool in the afternoon.

    apoolDSC_2293 apoolDSC_2305 apoolDSC_2316 apoolDSC_2356 apoolDSC_2359 apoolDSC_2388 apoolDSC_2399

    We have a LOT of cicadas right now.

    apoolDSC_2411 apoolDSC_2422 apoolDSC_2429 apoolDSC_2445 apoolDSC_2468

    It was a busy week but the kids had service also.

    The kids enjoyed their service and I got a break almost everyday last week for an hour or so(which has never happened).

    Win win for everyone.

    41st Street Plaza ~Tulsa, OK

    Monday, September 15th, 2014


    I had been to this riverside park a while ago but did not get to spend much time checking it out.

    We went back last month.


    It is a pretty park with some nice playground equipment but I felt like my boys were a little old for the park.


    The water features especially seemed geared more for little ones.

    It worked out okay since not many of the kids wanted to play in the water that day but the boys would have been really bored if they were not allowed to splash due to small kids.



    I allowed it as long as no other kids were nearby.





    Their vivid imaginations came in handy as well.


    They pretended to be alligators for a long time and that made it a fun place for them.

    This would not have worked again if their were many kids around since they were taking up a whole water feature.


    They enjoyed it since it was something new and different but I am not sure we will make this a regular stop.



    If you have little ones that do not really like the big splashpads with lots of water going everywhere than I think this would be a great place for you to bring them!

    I have read that the water stays on until October 1st, does anyone know if that is true?

    All the other splashpads turn off after Labor Day.

    This post makes me miss the carefree days of summer.

    We are on our third week of school and still feeling the adjustment.

    Only 170 more school days until summer…

    Water Balloon Fight! ~Day 6

    Friday, September 5th, 2014

    My in-laws left my nephews with me while they went out to dinner with some other family that lives in the area.

    I knew if I was going to have all four boys I wanted to give them an outlet for all of their energy!


    Water balloons are amazing.

    When they are made by someone else…


    None of the boys could tie them so I had to tie them all.


    My fingers hurt so we did them in two batches.


    They did not seem to mind.



    Personalities come out in a battle like this.


    My youngest nephew preferred to run away the whole time, even if it meant he got less balloons.

    I am with him, I run also.


    My youngest tried to make it easier for him by holding his brother down.


    I love this kid.


    The other boys were just as happy to be hit by a balloon as to throw one.


    Guess who ended up with the last balloon?



    He was pretty happy.


    I wanted to stay outside longer but since it was so hot out we had to play in water.


    This one wanted to know why I take pictures all the time.


    I do it so much that I forget that it seems odd to some people.


    You know that crazy Aunt that people talk about that will not stop taking pictures at holidays and gatherings?

    I have become her…


    I am okay with that though.


    I treasure these images.

    I think I will continue on with being the “crazy Aunt”.

    It makes me happy.