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    Pinnacle Mountain State Park~ Little Rock, AR

    Tuesday, June 6th, 2017


    We got to Pinnacle Mountain State Park right before the visitor center closed.


    Me, “They have alligators in Arkansas?”


    No clue.



    We went on the scenic overlook trail right next to the visitors center.

    Really short walk.

    All the walks on our trip were easy and short.

    I was told I had to take it easy by my doctor due to a back injury so every walk was around 1 mile or less.




    aindDSC_8156 aindDSC_8159 aindDSC_8171 aindDSC_8178

    We also went on the Arkansas Trail loop.

    aindDSC_8179 aindDSC_8181 aindDSC_8182 aindDSC_8187 aindDSC_8196 aindDSC_8199

    It is the Arboretum as well so lots of signs with information about the trees throughout the walk.

    My second oldest read every single sign.


    These little machines would tell you information about the area if you cranked them.

    aindDSC_8204 aindDSC_8206

    There was a constant debate of who’s turn it was…

    Thank you park people for the fun crank machines that helped my kids work on their sharing skills.


    Speckled Kingsnake?


    That is him slithering away in terror…

    Our crew scared him.



    We did not stay very long at this park and I really want to go back when we can do the pinnacle hike!

    It was too steep for this trip.

    I was also constantly battling to get checked into the hotel before the kids bedtime.

    Not sure I ever accomplished that goal…

    Heron Pond Nature Preserve~Cache River State Natural Area, Illinois

    Monday, June 5th, 2017



    Heron Pond Nature Preserve is really close to Shawnee National Forest.


    This is the Heron Pond Trail.


    It felt a little bit longer than the map said to get to the boardwalk.

    But it was the toddlers nap time so that might have contributed to that feeling…


    Nick ended up having to stay at the van with Little Bit and I took the older kids to the boardwalk.

    asuperDSC_7873 asuperDSC_7876

    Found it!

    I was just about to turn around when we saw it!

    asuperDSC_7891 asuperDSC_7892

    I am so glad we kept going because it was beautiful!


    I was really wishing for a wide angle lens!

    The trees were huge!

    asuperDSC_7894 asuperDSC_7895 asuperDSC_7897

    You could see a bunch of little trails in the duckweed.

    We read later that they were snakes, turtles and such.

    asuperDSC_7898 asuperDSC_7904 asuperDSC_7906 asuperDSC_7907

    It looks like you can just walk right on top of it.

    asuperDSC_7912 asuperDSC_7914 asuperDSC_7916

    I took a picture of this honeysuckle because the previous day’s drive through Shawnee National Forest was filled with the amazing smell of it.

    And we were stopped to change a flat tire…


    We did a small portion of the lookout point trail.

    This is a great trail for when mosquitoes are bad.

    It is right next to a cliff so it is really open and breezy but shaded.

    I am always on the lookout for trails like this in Oklahoma for summer time hikes!

    asuperDSC_7926 asuperDSC_7936 asuperDSC_7937 asuperDSC_7942

    My oldest took some pics.

    asuperDSC_7945 asuperDSC_7947

    Siblings get the cutest smiles for pics.


    This second boardwalk was super easy to get to.

    It is right off Illinois Route 37.


    Such cool trees.


    There are a lot of trails here although we only did a few.

    You could spend a long time exploring.

    Parkin Archeological State Park~Parkin, AR

    Thursday, June 1st, 2017


    I was not sure if this place would be a hit or not but then they showed us the weapons…


    They showed an educational video and let you play with the weapons at the end.

    Smart move.

    Bribery is always wise.


    aindDSC_7976 aindDSC_7977 aindDSC_7984 aindDSC_7987 aindDSC_7992 aindDSC_7994 aindDSC_7996 aindDSC_7997

    This was the spot of a huge American Indian Village that they think was visited by Hernando de Soto in 1541.


    Brave move giving all of my kids weapons.

    I stayed back to “document” better.

    Or to not get maimed…

    aindDSC_8011 aindDSC_8013 aindDSC_8015

    My kids with blow guns?


    aindDSC_8042 aindDSC_8052

    Wonder Woman in training.

    aindDSC_8054_01 aindDSC_8061 aindDSC_8104

    I love walking around historic sites and trying to picture what it used to look like.

    The mound is where the chiefs house stood.

    aindDSC_8108 aindDSC_8112 aindDSC_8113 aindDSC_8115 aindDSC_8125

    There is an old school house there from when a mining town was here.

    aindDSC_8126 aindDSC_8127 aindDSC_8131 aindDSC_8133 aindDSC_8135 aindDSC_8136

    Such a fun and interesting stop.

    Parkin Archaeological State Park