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    Adding on to the fort for our monkey’s.

    Friday, December 9th, 2016

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    Maybe higher than she thought.

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    Nick built the kids monkey bars!

    They have the coolest fort!

    Tree fort at sunset

    Friday, June 3rd, 2016

    fortDSC_5792_02 fortDSC_5793_02 fortDSC_5794_02 fortDSC_5795_02 fortDSC_5800_02 fortDSC_5801_02 fortDSC_5805_02 fortDSC_5807_02

    This kid gets lost in a world of games he makes up.

    He will take two sticks and make a whole game with made up but very strict rules!


    Forting Up

    Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

     I added a bucket on a pulley to the boys tree fort a week or two ago.

    I wondered about adding anything when they have not really been using it much but I always wanted a tree house with a bucket on a pulley…

    watch unload together spy
    They actually figured out that they could just hang out up there(something they usually do on the ground) and stayed up in the fort for a while.

    My oldest wanted to haul things in the bucket over and over but my youngest thought going up the climbing wall over and over was too tiring.

    They are so different.

    snack pull pole low lifting lift hoast fort fill

    I bought the pulley set at Harbor Freight.

    It is has three pulley’s and is made for a lot of weight.

    Since I do not really want my boys lifting 100+ pounds with it and the lines kept twisting, I redid it so the rope is only using one pulley.

    I am glad my husband was around to suggest that!

    I thought I would need to buy a different pulley…


    feet climb4 climb3 climb2 climb bucket bench

    It was not long before my oldest told his little brother to get in the bucket and he would haul him up…

    I am glad I stayed outside so I could veto that action and make sure they understood that people were not to be hauled up!