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    Post Oak Challenge 10k ~Nick&”B”

    Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

    Nick did the 10k with “B” one of our 7yr olds.

    Since I had 4 kids this time, I waited and came for the finish instead of getting everyone up and waiting at the race the whole time.

    araceDSC_9766 araceDSC_9768

    We actually timed it pretty great and were only waiting a little bit.

    araceDSC_9772 araceDSC_9774 araceDSC_9779 araceDSC_9786

    She is was so happy that she got to do it!

    araceDSC_9794 araceDSC_9797

    She loved all the attention she got.

    araceDSC_9801 araceDSC_9802 araceDSC_9814 araceDSC_9817

    I have decided I am a trail run type mom instead of a soccer mom.


    Trail runs are in such beautiful locations!

    Bring on the next one!


    We have two that want to run in the next one already.

    Well if you don’t count little bit.

    She is pretty upset she is too little.

    She keeps saying she is “super fast” and “dinosaur big”…

    Looks like we will need to find a 1 miles fun run for her soon.

    A weekend at the Lake and a 25K.

    Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

    It all started with a race my husband did last month.

    It is called the Snake Run and my oldest said he did not want to run it this year.

    It is a 3hr race that you try to get as many miles as you can in that time.

    As soon as the race was getting ready to start my son changed his mind of course and wanted to run.

    Too late.

    We told him he could run the Lake McMurtry Trail Run if he wanted to though.

    This was going to be a bit different though since Nick was running the 25K.


    He still said he wanted to do it so we headed over to Lake McMurtry on friday night to camp the night before the race.


    At first I thought camping was a bad idea.

    We were only camping one night and that is a lot of work for that short of time.


    But if we had not camped, I would have missed this sunset on the lake.



    This sunset was worth all of the packing, prep, and dealing with wasps in the camper.







    Saturday morning dawned bright(maybe not so bright) and early with the Early 50K start at 7am.


    Then came the regular 50K start.


    25K start!


    They are off!


    Half way!


    My youngest and Maddie hanging out during the race.


    Final steps!


    They did it!


    Getting their medals for finishing.




    Before and after!

    I asked my son if it was long and he said, “yes, and tiring.”

    I also asked if he would like to do it again and he promptly told me “no” but a few minutes later said “maybe”.


    I probably would have said no after running all of those miles as well!

    This is a great event!

    The volunteers and workers do such an amazing job putting on these runs.

    Thank you for making trail running exciting for my eight year old!

    For more information on the actual run check out Ken’s blog, here.

    Father’s Day

    Wednesday, June 18th, 2014


    For Father’s Day this year my husband wanted to do the Lipbuster Challenge at Turkey Mt. again.

    He did it last year as well.

    This year though my oldest wanted to do it with him.



    They had to go up and down this hill at Turkey Mt. as many times as they could in 1hr.





    They both did 7 laps!

    My son was worried he was not going to make it in time though so he left Nick behind and ran really fast to the finish!


    He was so excited to get the medal and eat…

    He really likes to eat the “junk food”(his words) after a race.


    They did awesome!


    The picture on the right is how Nick really felt…


    My youngest stuck with me while I took pictures.

    He was really helpful in pointing out things like a scorpion that had just gone under the bark at my feet…

    I tried to stay in that spot longer but all I could think of was a scorpion crawling up my leg so we moved.

    He was disappointed I did not get a picture of it.

    I like that this race is early enough we can still make it to church!

    I decided to change instead of showing up in muddy jeans though…