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    What we wear for cold weather hikes.

    Thursday, January 8th, 2015


    Say it with me!


    Not big bulky snow suits (unless you are someone that never seems to get warm, I guess).

    But base layers.


    It was maybe 30 degrees when the above picture was taken, in the Smoky Mts.

    I am wearing a tank top, running pullover shirt, and a fleece vest on top.

    It was a lot of up hill and other then the fact I should have worn gloves I was comfortable.

    I like my vest because I can zip it up to my chin if I am cold and unzip it all of the way if I am hot.

    When it was really cold, I would throw on a pair of nice long underwear under my pants.

    ontopIn this pic, I opted for gloves and a hat, as well as a fleece jacket to go with my thermal shirt, vest and thicker pants.

    I think I put on long underwear as well.

    The boys are both wearing long underwear.

    My youngest never wore a winter jacket, just that hoodie with lots of layers underneath.

    I don’t like hoodies for my top layer because I can not regulate my body temp as easily.

    You don’t want to wait until you are covered in sweat to cool off in the winter.

    That is dangerous.

    I like jackets and layers with zippers so as I get hot I start unzipping it.

    coldweatherhikesHere is what I would typically wear on a cold weather hike(minus bra and underwear).

    Left to Right: Base Layer(I like to wear something that is a wicking material), Mid Layer(Vest), Outerwear(Pants, Jacket, Gloves, and Hat).

    I like wool socks for almost any weather but I do choose the ones geared more for the cold in the winter.

    I hope this helps someone get out and enjoy a winter hike!

    Winter is one of the most peaceful times of the year to hike in my opinion!

    Plus, NO BUGS!

    snowYou might just stumble upon a fairy land like this as well.

    Don’t wait until spring!

    Do you have any cold weather hiking tips?

    What we bring on a hike

    Friday, August 15th, 2014


    On shorter hikes we bring water if anything.

    Otherwise this Kelty Hydration Pack is my go to pack.

    I used to use the bladder with it every time but got tired of trying to keep it clean so I have not put the bladder in for a long time.


    The pack on the left is a hydration pack as well and fits my boys really well.

    It has thick straps that have padding, that is really important for comfort.

    My oldest Kelty back pack just has those thin black straps with no padding and it gets uncomfortable really fast.


    I got both of these packs at Academy Sports.

    Neither one was made for children but they both work for my boys.

    The green one fits the best on them.


    Instead of a bladder I like to use one of these Platypus bottles, it lays flat so it does not dig into your back but it is easier to clean.

    I also just put regular water bottles in them.


    For longer hikes it is nice to have some extra sunscreen(for when you missed  a spot), bug spray, and a first aid kit.

    I try to buy the smallest possible of these so I am not adding a lot of extra weight.

    This Adventure Medical Kit is really nice and is my favorite first aid kit we have bought so far!

    It has everything you might need but is really light.

    If I am hiking alone with my boys I make sure I have mace on me as well and text my husband letting him know where we are hiking, how long we will be going, and when I will text him letting him know we are done.

    I always bring more water than I think we will need and if  we are going for a long hike I bring a snack.

    Something high in protein like nuts is nice to have.

    I hope this helps someone that is trying to figure out what to bring hiking with them!

    Have fun out there!

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    Self Portrait ~Day 30 and the right white balance

    Thursday, March 21st, 2013

    This is my last picture for this project!

    30 Days.

    I was in a shaded area with a lot of sunlight behind me when I shot this.

    I would usually have my camera set to Cloudy White Balance (White Balance determines how cool or warm a picture should be).

    I forgot to change it and the white balance was set for full sun.

    This is my picture set to the wrong white balance.

    I had edited it before I realized I did not really like it and chose to change the white balance.

    Here is another picture I took with only the white balanced fixed to cloudy.

    No other touch ups were made.

    Here is the original with no touch ups set to full sun.

    Do you have a camera that lets you set the white balance?