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    I am going to miss this ~Make believe

    Monday, December 3rd, 2012

    I painted a mask on his face because we did not like the mask that came with his new robin suit.

    I am odd that way.

    It needed to be complete!

    He was too busy making faces at his reflection in the window to look at me.

    Jedi knight Luke Skywalker…

    He wanted to wear his black pajama bottoms and cape everywhere!

    My husband made him Thor’s hammer!

    So of course he was calling down lightning all day.

    Cutest Robin ever.

    One day they will be too old to pretend.

    I will cherish every cape, mask, weapon, and pair of tights while they are here!

    What moment do you want to remember today?

    Look around your house in a different way today, look for things that are fleeting.

    Let them make you smile.