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    MN Trip ~Day 6 The SHT

    Monday, October 13th, 2014


    After a wet cold night, I was ready to get moving!

    We were heading all the way back to Silver Bay so this would be our longest hike of our trip.


    My homemade instant oatmeal worked out really well!


    Something hot to start out a cold morning really helps.


    Everything we need for a hot meal.



    We went ahead and went to the waterfall overlook before getting on the Superior Hiking Trail.


    There was apparently a really nice view down below and on the other side but we did not want to add more miles and a ton of steps to our hike.


    Maybe next time.


    Silver Bay this way!


    You start out your hike with “the drainpipe”, interesting name.

    It is almost like rock climbing.

    I was having a lot of trouble getting going so Nick carried the camera for most of this third day.


    Mount Trudee without rain!

    I had missed the photo opportunity the day before due to the rain so I was glad it was dry on the way back.


    Well, it did not rain at least.

    The path was a muddy mess.

    The walking poles helped with the slipping around everywhere.

    I still wiped out once though.


    This was one of our steepest climbs for the day so I was glad we got it done.


    I am glad we packed our light tripod for the trip.

    I like it when both of us can be in a shot.



    See his grin?

    That is the grin of a man that is on the edge.


    I did not realize it until I had set the timer and went to him.

    He tried to pull me close to him and I about freaked!

    In this picture I am actually trying to pull away, closer to the nice safe rocks…

    As opposed to open air and a steep fall.


    Still enjoying the beautiful colors!


    We did it!

    We ended up with just over 11 miles that day.


    We also just missed the rain.

    It started just minutes after we started driving.


    Despite the rain, I had to stop and take some pics of Lake Superior!


    What a great trip!

    Have you ever been to Lake Superior?

    What is your favorite spot?

    MN Trip ~Day 5 The SHT

    Friday, October 10th, 2014


    There are very few pictures from our second day on the Superior Hiking Trail because it rained!

    It was supposed to rain for most of the time so one day of rain was not too bad.

    Of course when it started sprinkling I did not want to put my rain jacket on.

    I was hot so I thought I would wait.

    Later I had to try to dry out my wet things and I realized I was not planning far enough ahead.


    The trail was pretty muddy in spots so the fact they had bridges and boardwalks in places was really nice!

    This is a really well travelled trail and they seem to take good care of it.

    Since we were headed to Tetteguche State Park campground that day we headed up Mount Trudee which would had some really awesome views.

    Since it was raining I thought I would take pictures the next day when we headed back that way instead of trying to get my camera out of my pack, where I put it to keep it dry.


    I found out really quickly that one of my shirt choices was really bad.

    The grey one you see hanging in our tent is a really cheap Danskin from Walmart and it is amazing.

    It dries quickly and is a great base layer.

    I wore a black t-shirt from target on top and it soaked up the water like a sponge.

    That guy is not coming hiking with me again…


    Even though the park let us call them to check into our campsite we still decided to make the 2.5mile trek to the visitor center to check it out after we set up camp.

    Even though it poured on the way there, I am so glad we did it!

    They had a fireplace!

    We stayed there for a couple hours to dry out and then headed back into the rain…

    It was a cold wet night but that is what happens sometimes when you camp.

    I should have brought a base layer for my legs instead of just the pants I wore.

    Live and learn.

    What is your favorite thing to bring with you camping?

    I was dreaming of long johns all night…