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    Route 66 Flywheelers ~Catoosa, OK

    Sunday, November 12th, 2017

    This event has been going on since 1991!

    It was a lot bigger than I thought and the people were so friendly.

    Great event to bring kids.

    ablancaDSC_2354 ablancaDSC_2356 ablancaDSC_2357 ablancaDSC_2358

    So many of the people loved kids!

    They had fun little things set up just for the kids that came.

    ablancaDSC_2359 ablancaDSC_2362 ablancaDSC_2368

    Such a beautiful smile.

    ablancaDSC_2369 ablancaDSC_2375 ablancaDSC_2378 ablancaDSC_2379 ablancaDSC_2380 ablancaDSC_2382 ablancaDSC_2383

    Some of the girls thought the gas engines smelled…

    ablancaDSC_2385 ablancaDSC_2389 ablancaDSC_2395 ablancaDSC_2400 ablancaDSC_2402 ablancaDSC_2406

    Isn’t this fun!

    This guy had a bunch of hands-on things set up for kids!

    ablancaDSC_2410 ablancaDSC_2416 ablancaDSC_2421 ablancaDSC_2426 ablancaDSC_2430 ablancaDSC_2432 ablancaDSC_2437 ablancaDSC_2441

    Making rope.

    ablancaDSC_2444 ablancaDSC_2454 ablancaDSC_2458 ablancaDSC_2462 ablancaDSC_2464 ablancaDSC_2467

    Tractor pull time.

    ablancaDSC_2472 ablancaDSC_2475 ablancaDSC_2478 ablancaDSC_2482 ablancaDSC_2487 ablancaDSC_2498 ablancaDSC_2508 ablancaDSC_2509

    These guys were cutting cedar shingles and handing them out to people.

    ablancaDSC_2513 ablancaDSC_2520

    The kids decided to make sleds.

    ablancaDSC_2521 ablancaDSC_2522 ablancaDSC_2527

    Such a fun event!

    Glad we got to go!