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    Our weekend at Sequoyah State Park

    Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

    Cooking in the popup.

    Getting ready to hike.

    Quiet time.

    The bundle of blue sleeping bag is my youngest.

    I taught him UNO, he really liked it!

    My youngest woke up not feeling well so I broke out a movie on my kindle.

    I really enjoy time spend in the popup!

    I enjoy the simplicity, the closeness, and all around less stuff (although it does not look it in this pic)!

    In other news I think I am going to just call the fact I did not complete my 30 day project this month!

    I have never done that!

    I am pretty sure my downfall was changing the rules half way through.

    That and sick kids…

    I will have to think of a new one.

    What did you do over the weekend?

    Ft. Gibson & Sequoyah State Park

    Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

    This is the second time I have been to Fort Gibson in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.

    It is such an interesting place!

    I would advise going during one of their events.

    They have a spring and fall encampment where re-enactments are going on the whole weekend.

    We missed the fall encampment by a week…

    I looked at the city website and it was wrong.


    A lot of the rooms are set up so you can see what they would have looked like.

    The boys wanted to look in every single one.

    There are several things to do in the area.

    When we went in the spring we also went to the Azalea Festival at Muskogee.

    This time we went to Sequoyah State Park & Lodge.

    They have an amazing nature center!

    When we got to the nature center it was closed for the day but there were a bunch of deer just hanging out!

    Caden played with the coyote.

    It was so funny, they were following each other!

    I want to go back again when we can go inside the center.

    We went a long time ago but I think the boys would like it even more now!

    They do have some hiking trails also.

    We only went on a short one because it was getting late in the day.

    Check out these two awesome places in North East Oklahoma!