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    Favorites from January 2016 ~Adoption

    Tuesday, December 27th, 2016





    Here are the self portraits I took with Little Bit in January.

    aselfdsc_4551 aselfdsc_4590bw aselfdsc_4674 aselfdsc_4723

    This is about how it usually goes to try to get a pic with several of my kids.

    aselfdsc_4744 adsc_4855 adsc_4842

    At the Zoo.

    asnowdsc_4909_01 asnowdsc_4914 asnowdsc_4945 asnowdsc_4969_01


    asnowdsc_4985_01 asnowdsc_5015 asnowdsc_5048_01 asnowdsc_5058 asnowdsc_5084_01 asnowdsc_5099 asnowdsc_5101 asnowdsc_5108_01 asnowdsc_5119 asnowdsc_5139_01 asnowdsc_5161 asnowdsc_5185 asnowdsc_5188 asnowdsc_5216_01 asnowdsc_5232 asnowdsc_5254_01 asnowdsc_5273


    I forgot a bunch of pics in the original post!

    Here they are, including the twins getting extensions.

    abraidsraydsc_5502 abraidsraydsc_5488 abraidsraydsc_5475 abraidsraydsc_5472 abraidsraydsc_5453 abraidsraydsc_5439 abraidsraydsc_5423bw


    Although they loved it, it took a long time to get done and their personalities did not do well for sitting and having someone else do it.

    abraidsraydsc_5389 abraidsraydsc_5380


    It was fun to have for a while though!

    acadendsc_6151 acadendsc_6132 acadendsc_6104 abraidsraydsc_5544


    This made my heart melt when I took it.

    So cute.


    On the bridge at Ray Harral.

    Self Portraits in the Snow ~January 2016

    Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

    I did a project last January to get in pictures with all of my kids but could only share the ones I took with my boys.

    Here are some I took with “B” in some beautiful snow we had.

    asnowdsc_5283 asnowdsc_5293 asnowdsc_5300 asnowdsc_5307 asnowdsc_5316 asnowdsc_5323 asnowdsc_5336 asnowdsc_5339 asnowdsc_5340 asnowdsc_5343 asnowdsc_5344 asnowdsc_5345

    In case you are wondering, it is a really bad idea to look at beautiful pictures taken in snow when it is almost Christmas and thunderstorms are in the forecast…

    Here are the previous posts with the boys shots, here and here.

    Self Portraits with my Girls

    Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

    Back in October I shared some pics of Nick and I.

    At the same time I took some pics with my girls but could not share them.

    I had not intended to take pics with them that day, they just saw the tripod and asked.

    So of course I said yes.

    ausdsc_3931 ausdsc_3933 ausdsc_3961 ausdsc_3965 ausdsc_4038 ausdsc_4043 ausdsc_4045 ausdsc_4046 ausdsc_4047 ausdsc_4048 ausdsc_4049 ausdsc_4055 ausdsc_4071 ausdsc_4073 ausdsc_4091 ausdsc_4092 ausdsc_4093 ausdsc_4099 ausdsc_4111 ausdsc_4115

    I struggle to focus on these happy moments.

    I have had very little hardship in my life so having children from hard places is a struggle.

    I am used to choosing the easy way.

    There is no easy way.

    Nick is so good at making choices based on what is in his circle of influence and not stressing about the stuff outside of it.

    I want to stress about the outside stuff.


    This is a journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

    Pictures help me focus on something beautiful and happy.

    Looking at them helps me feel like there is hope.

    What gives you hope?