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    Tulsa Waterworks & A Serendipitous Educational Moment

    Wednesday, May 10th, 2017


    A friend of mine was watching one of my girls for me so I had only 4 kids!

    I wanted to go for a walk and was looking around for a good place when we found a pretty big city waterworks and reservoir.



    This was perfect!

    We had just watched the Magic School Bus waterworks show on the way their!

    awaterworksDSC_3823_01 awaterworksDSC_3824_01

    It was great to talk about what we had just watched while walking on the walking path around the reservoir.

    awaterworksDSC_3825_01 awaterworksDSC_3826_01

    The cleaning process was a lot more interesting after seeing a dead fish in the water people drink…

    awaterworksDSC_3828_01 awaterworksDSC_3829_01 awaterworksDSC_3835_01 awaterworksDSC_3841_01 awaterworksDSC_3843_01 awaterworksDSC_3845_01

    Thanks dead fish for an easy teachable moment.

    Pretty sure they will remember this one.

     It would be so much fun to tour the actual waterworks!

    It was right next to us and so impressive looking!

    Our Study of Birds and Audubon ~Homeschool

    Friday, February 24th, 2017

    I am still working on how to tie lessons together for the girls and boys.

    The boys do 5th grade work and the girls are in 1st grade but need a very simplified version.

    So it has not been until recently that I have really been trying to include them in the history or science that the boys are studying.


    Birds seemed like a perfect subject for them all to learn though.

    For one of the boys studies the past couple weeks they were learning about John Audubon and birds.

     I give the girls a science shelf for their independent learning and made it all about birds.

    Here are some of the things I included:

    Bird Bingo(one of my favorite educational games)

    Bird Guides like Birds of Oklahoma

    The Magic School Bus Flies the Nest

    Backyard Birds Toob (I had them try to find the matching bird on the Backyard Birds of North America guide)

    Bird Flash Cards


    Owl Puke the Book

    We also finally refilled our bird feeder and would identify the birds that came.


    I got a pbs documentary on Audubon called John James Audubon: Drawn from Nature from the library and was having the kids all watch in the vehicle.

    I had no clue that Audubon killed the birds he drew!

    He posed them by sticking wires through them!

    I asked my oldest if they were showing that and he said “yep.”

    My kids eyes were huge.


    We did not finish the documentary.


    My youngest boy(9) loves learning about animals and is like a walking encyclopedia about them so he really liked reading about birds for school.

    He also told me that Audubon met Daniel Boone!

    I love it when our studies intersect like that.

    Just another benefit of learning History, Science, and Literature via timeline.

    Audubon: Painter of Birds in the Wild Frontier was such a pretty looking picture book.

    I don’t get to read many of these books anymore since my boys are independent readers.

    We also got John Audubon Young Naturalist but I forgot to take a picture of it.


    Bird Watching


    I really liked tying their studies together!

    Now I just need to figure out how to make the science shelf fun and interesting for the next study.


    I have a feeling it will not be as pretty as birds.

    Middle Ages, the Plague, and Microbes.

    Wednesday, July 15th, 2015


    We started out our study of the Middle Ages with an overview of what was going on all over the world during the early part of the Middle Ages.

    There were actually different stages to the Middle Ages and each one was pretty different.

    Not all of them were Dark either.



    Please remember my boys are adventure loving and they like the exciting history best before you look at the timelines they created.


    They latched on to even the slightest mention of a battle…


    I did get them to leave Easter Island battle free though!



    Yes, the Roman Empire was still around during the Middle Ages.

    I pretty much got every book the library had on Knights and the Middle Ages and just let my boys go at them.



    You Choose history books were again a favorite of my boys.

    They will read them again and again.


    I like to mix in a LOT of Historical Fiction with our studies.


    We watched Disney’s Robin Hood to go with our study.

    I was pretty excited about it!


    They also did a couple of the lessons with Draw and Write your way through History.



    I felt like I failed in the science department at first.

    I was just getting books on the plague and talking about different discoveries that were going on.

    Then at the end of our study we collected puddle water and studied it under the microscope.

    They were amazed and proceeded to eat up all the books the library had on Microbes!

    We also watched the Magic School Bus Episodes on Microbes.

    Magic School Bus “In A Pickle” and “Inside Ralphie.”

    I have to remind myself sometimes that my slow and steady approach to getting the boys interested in something does work!

    It just looks lazy for a bit but always pays off!

    For more ideas on the Middle Ages, check out my Pinterest board.