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    Our Homeschool Day~January 2017

    Monday, January 16th, 2017

    The last Homeschool Day I shared was January of 2015.

    I only had two kids to teach.

    I now teach 4 (and a half).


    My 2yr old does not like being left out so I do a little lesson with her on most days.

    aschoolDSC_7079 aschoolDSC_7065

    I  am trying to start our day with a short story or poem with all of my kids.

    Then one of the boys plays with the 2yr old and the other starts his math.



    I do reading with one of the girls.

    The other does an independent reading project, like word matching cards.


    I then switch and my other daughter reads to me while the other does independent work.



    When I am done with both of the twins it is my youngest’s turn.

    aschoolDSC_6955 aschoolDSC_7159 aschoolDSC_7164 aschoolDSC_7169

    We work on letter sounds, numbers, and simple things like farm animals or butterflies.

    After I am done with her lesson we usually go for a walk.

    aschoolDSC_3129 aschoolDSC_3141

    The boys can do most of their work independently.

    They just need writing assignments, new books for their school shelf, and their work monitored.

    I also will give them science or history projects.

    For our current study they are researching the Erie Canal with the knowledge they will have to build a working canal with a lock.

    I tie together the boys history, geography, science, and literature by time period.


    For instance, they are studying the war of 1812, the Erie Canal, Francis Scott Key, Peter Cartwright, Steamboats, Mark Twain, and Beethoven at the same time.

    I put all their books on one shelf.


    Here are steamboats that they made.

    I actually had them research and make their own prototypes first.

    Then I gave them some sites with directions and needed to help them troubleshoot.


    We eat lunch and have quiet time.

    The boys do their reading during quiet time.


    I am usually correcting in the midst of working with one.


    After quiet time and snack I start the twins math lessons.

    They do not learn well together so even though they are learning the same thing I do the lesson with one at a time.

    Sometimes they are able to finish their math lesson, but often they need extra help to pay attention and need to wait for Nick to get home.


    This is probably a pretty honest picture of how our lessons go.

    I have found holding a hot cup of tea calms me.

    Sometimes I just need to hold my cup of tea, breath, and think of how I can explain something so that it is understood.

    aschoolDSC_7192 aschoolDSC_7202

    The boys and girls both do the same math curriculum (RightStart Math).

    aschoolDSC_5629 aschoolDSC_5644 aschoolDSC_5666 aschoolDSC_5670

    Once in a while we do projects all together.

    Most of the time the boys do projects independently.


    I like how calm these pictures make it look.

    It was not calm.

    It was a thousand questions and a toddler that kept spilling things.

    Not questions about the science of it by the way.


    aschoolDSC_7241 aschoolDSC_7297 aschoolDSC_7267

    If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen these.

    I took the first group of pictures at the same time to show what everyone does at a given moment.


    This one shows the aftermath of our math lessons…


    Hope you liked getting a peek into what our day might look like.


    I have found I have to be flexible most days.

    Our homeschool day ~2015

    Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

    After reading several “Homeschool a day in the life” post at Simple Homeschool, I decided to track how long we actually spent on subjects.

    So for those of you who are curious what an at home day looks like around here, here you go.

    6:15am try to pull myself out of bed so I can have quiet time. This is also when I try to get my blog post done and up.

    *My husband usually goes to work before I get up so he is already gone for the day.

    7am the boys get up (this is the time they are allowed up, I do not wake them up unless we have to go somewhere)

    7:30am I made breakfast so I told them to come eat.

    8-9am the boys play(play was traded for my youngest laying down and my oldest sitting on the couch, sometimes they just cannot seem to get along!)


    9am 1st Lesson of RightStart Math



    9:46am 2nd Math Lesson (we are trying to get through two math books this year so we double up when we can)


    10:15am Handwriting Without Tears


    10:23am First Language Lessons & Super Grammar



    10:35am All About Spelling



    10:45am Snack & Break

    breaktimeThey usually opt for playing with legos during break time.

    I try to do any prep work for history and science during their break time.

    11:10am History

    historyWe were wrapping up the study we had been doing for the past 3 weeks so I just read to them a mini biography and we put the figures up on our timeline.

    Sometimes history involves a lot of reading and can take up a huge chunk of our day.

    Or we wait and watch a documentary on the computer while eating lunch.


    11:20am Science

    scienceI wanted to get some more shots of our Hero’s fountain so we did it one more time before wrapping up our study of him.

    Depending on the experiment, science can take up to an hour.

    Especially since I often have no clue what I am doing at first…

    11:30am Done with school!

    We did really good this day and finished before lunch!

    That is my goal every day but sometimes the boys have other ideas.

    No Geography today.

    End of a study so we did not have much to cover today.

    Sometimes the end of a study means we are playing catch up though! It can go either way.

    12:30pm Quiet time & Reading

    They do their school reading usually at quiet time. Right now though my oldest is trying to get through The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    1:30pm boys are up, chores and free time.

    We have one or two days a week that we do hiking or fieldtrips, on those days I really try to get anything I have to get done before we go.

    I also have them read school books on the way to places and watch any educational dvds I have planned for them in the vehicle.

    I hope this helps someone!

    What does your school day look like?

    Do you enjoy peeking into other peoples lives as much as I do?

    Our Lesson Plan Schedule

    Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

    If you have followed me for a while then you may know that I do not use a curriculum for history or science.

    I have many reference books that I use  but I mostly put it together on my own.


    I love history so it is not too bad for me but it is time consuming.

    I thought I would share my spreadsheet with you guys so you can see what are lesson schedule looks like.

    This is using the “Big Book of History” and David Downs Chronology for the Pharoahs.

    Month Science Geography History Literature
    Aug-Sept Creation, Planets, Animals, Anatomy, Plants Study Bible Times Maps, Middle East Creation
    Week 1 Light, Refraction Day 1, Genesis 1:1-5 Creation
    Week 2 Atmosphere, Weather Day 2 Creation
    Week 3 Earth’s Layers, Earthquakes, volcanoes Day 3 Creation
    Week 4 Plants, Day 3 Creation
    Week 5 Sun, moon, and stars Day 4 Creation
    Week 6 Flying and Sea Creatures Day 5 Creation
    Week 7 Land Animals and Humans Day 6
    October How Animals and Plants have changed
    Carnivor, poisonous plants, ect.
    Middle East, early peoples The Fall
    Week 4 How people changed Cain & Able, Seth
    Week 1 Music, Sound, First Musical Instruments Middle East, Ancient people Jubal and Tubal-Cain
    Week 2 Music, Sound, First Musical Instruments Middle East, Ancient people Enoch and Methuselah
    Week 3 Land Formations, Go to Glass Mountains Noah And the Flood
    Week 4 Land Formations, Glaciers The Ice Age
    Week 1 Languages City of Shinar The Tower of Babel
    Week 2 Ice Age Middle East Ice Age
    Week 3 Middle East Sumerians
    January Archeology, Solstice Europe, Asia 1st Egyptian Dynasty, Stonehenge,
    India, Xia Dynasty, Abraham
    February Archeology Greece, Middle East Job, Mycenaeans, Jacob
    And Esau, Joseph, Israelite Slavery,
    Founding of Sparta
    Secret of the Prince’s Tomb, Tirzah
    Life in Egypt, Deserts Study Desert Ecosystems and the area
    Moses and the Exodus
    Month Science Geography History Literature
    September Metallurgy
    Week 1 Iron Israel Joshua, Jericho,
    Hyksos, Judges
    AOI Battle at the
    Hittite Warrior
    Week 2 How Stuff Works
    Lead, Aluminum&
    Hittite Empire Hittite Empire, Cont.
    Judges, Trojan War
    Week 3 How it’s Made
    13:12 Iron Bathtubs
    Israel Samson, Eli, Samuel
    Week 4 Modern Marvels Egypt, Sparta Thutmosis 1,2,3
    ,David(make slings)
    with the
    ShepperdDarien’s Rise
    October Planets
    Week 1 Build Hand Crank Greece, Isreal Spartans, Solomon,
    Week 2 Kites Jonah, King Tut, Lycurgus of Sparta Odysessy
    Week 3 Marib Dam Rome Olympic Games,
    Seven Wonders, Rome(use
    Teachers guide) Build model
    Hour at the Olympics
    Week 4 Persia, Mexico Daniel, Cyrus, Persian Empire
    Esther(Watch Daniel), Mayan
    God King
    Aesop’s Fables
    Week 5 Hippocrates Aristotle, Plato, Buddhism
    November Anatomy/Batteries
    Week 1 Archimedes Greece Alexander the Great Stallion by Starlight
    Week 2 Great Wall China China 1st Emperor, Great Wall Day of the Dragon King
    Week 3 Hannibal
    Week 4 India The Roman Empire Conquers
    Greece, Julius Cesear
    Week 1
    Week 2 Bronze Bow
    Week 3 Israel(follow path) Jesus Danger of a silent night


    This is a little rough but it gives you an idea of what I plan on doing in a school year.

    I have this as a google document also and will be updating it with what we will be learning for the rest of the school year soon.

    If you want to check that out you can view it, here.

    You can also view what we did for each subject, here.

    Check out how I teach history and science without a curriculum, here.

    I also like “All through the Ages: History through Literature guide” by Christine Miller (I have not been using this much for ancient history since she used slightly different dates for when things happened then Answers in Genesis but I plan to start using it again).

    Here is my rough list I have made of literature for certain times:

    Creation ~”The Magicians Nephew” It has an amazing description of Narnia being created.

    Post-Flood~”Life in the Great Ice Age” Follows a young boy at the end of the Ice Age.

    3000-2000 BC~”The Golden Bull” Follows two children growing up in the city of UR.

    “The Last quest of Gilgamesh” illustrated version of a story from the Epic of Gilgamesh.

    “Mummies in the Morning” Magic Tree house about an Egyptian Queens tomb.

    “YU the GREAT, Conquering the flood” A chinese legend on the beginning of the Xia Dynasty.

    1800-1400 BC~”Secret of the Prince’s Tomb” An imagination station adventure at he beginning of Israel’s slavery in Egypt.

    “A Cry from Egypt” Set during the Israelites slavery.

    “Tirzah” at the time of Moses and the Exodus (REALLY good book!)

    “The Golden Goblet” About a boy in Ancient Egypt.

    “Mara, Daughter of the Nile” about a slave girl during Hatshepsut’s reign.

    1300-1000 BC~”Hittite Warrior” Set in the time of the Judges.

    “Showdown with the Shepherd” An imagination station book about David and Goliath.

    “Black Ships before Troy” a retelling of the Iliad. 

    “Tales from the Odyssey Part 1&2” by Mary Pope Osborn (told in an easy way for children)

    “Shadow Hawk” by Andre Norton (Egypt during the Hyksos reign)

    700 BC~”Hour of the Olympics” Magic Tree House about the Olympic games.

    701 BC ~”God King” Ancient Egypt and Biblical Jerusalem.

    450 BC ~”Herodotus and the Road to History”

    400 BC “Victory on the Walls” a story about Nehemiah. 

    300 BC “Stallion by Starlight” Magic Tree House about Alexander the Great.

    250 BC “Archimedes and the Door of Science”

    200 BC~”Day of the Dragon King” Magic Tree house about the first emperor of China.

    Christ Birth~”Danger on a Silent Night” An imagination station adventure about Jesus’ birth.

    Bronze Bow ~Set during the time of Jesus

    50 AD~”The Ides of April” A Christian during Nero’s time.


    70 AD~”For the Temple A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem” by G.A. Henty

    79 AD~”Vacation under the Volcano” Magic Tree House at the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. 

    79 AD~”The Roman Mysteries” by Lawrence, Caroline

    100 AD~”Beyond the Desert Gate” The Jews revolt against Roman occupation. 

    150 AD~”Galen and the Gateway to Medicine”

    300-400 AD~”Attack at the Arena” An imagination station adventure set in Ancient Rome.

    “Spring Gate” About two Christian boys in the Roman Empire.

    500 AD~”Challenge on the Hill of Fire” An imagination station adventure about Saint Patrick.

    700 AD~”Detectives in Togas” about  boys in Ancient Rome.

    “Mystery of the Roman Ransom” about  boys in Ancient Rome.

    1000 AD~”Voyage with the Vikings” An imagination station adventure Leif Eriksson. 

    1100’s AD~”The Boys Knight: A Tale of the Crusades” by G.A. Henty

    1200 AD~”Peril in the Palace” An imagination station adventure set in Ancient China during the time of Kublai Khan.

    1300 AD~”Hunt for the Devil’s Dragon” An imagination station adventure set in Libya.

    1400 AD~”Monday with a Mad Genius” Magic Tree House about Leonardo Da Vinci.

    1572 AD~”Under Drake’s Flag:A Tale of the Spanish Main” by G.A. Henty

    1600 AD~”Dragon of the Red Dawn” Magic Tree House set in Ancient Japan.

    “Problems in Plymouth” An imagination station adventure set in Plymouth.

    1860’s AD~”With Lee in Virginia” by G.A. Henty

    “Crazy Day with Cobras” Magic Tree House set in India.

    1939 ~”Winged Watchman” set during WWII in Holland

    Sorry that the B.C. dates are a little off from the other timelines I shared!

    I left most of the dates at the excepted timeline of the Pharaohs instead because I was not sure what direction we would go.

    If you want to read more about the argument against the traditional timeline, check it out, here.


    I do not mind the boys hearing different dates.


    We use the dates from Answers in Genesis for our timeline but we discuss the reason behind the different dates.


    When the boys get older I expect them to look at the evidence and make the decision on their own.

    This was a really long post but I hope it helps someone.