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    Rockets Over Rhema 2014

    Monday, June 30th, 2014

    Our church puts on a huge event called Rockets Over Rhema every year.

    They have it the Sunday night before the 4th of July, which was last night.


    We went so that my husband could help with cameras for the Patriotic Tribute.







    After the tribute we went outside to walk around for a bit.





    These stinkers did not cooperate for the picture…









    We left before the fireworks.

    I know that seems odd but we would have to wait around for a really long time and we are not really into that.

    We might be the only people that go to a 4th of July event and leave before the fireworks…

    Rockets Over Rhema ~Broken Arrow, Ok

    Monday, July 9th, 2012

    We have attended Rocket’s Over Rhema for several years.

    It is held by our church so I figure we really should go!

    We do not usually stay for the whole thing but we do go to the patriotic tribute in the beginning.

    Our Pastor’s, Pastor Kenneth Hagin and Lynette.

    My favorite part!

    There are live concerts going on outside.

    This is the churches Axis Youth Band.

    There are A LOT of people!

    A small car show.

    My boys were a little excited we bought them cotton candy.

    I made sure it tasted okay for them.

    It is the kind of parent I am.

    I always go the extra mile…

    My youngest lost his balloon minutes after getting it.

    It took a little bit to get the lower lip to go back in.

    I kept going on and on about how his balloon was flying so high.

    What finally sold it was when I made up a story about a bird finding it and trying to figure out what it was.

    So beautiful.

    It is an amazing event, although a little bit crowded for my taste.

    If you like fireworks and the excitement of big crowds, this is the perfect event for you!

    Fireworks, Birthdays, and concerts, oh my!

    Thursday, July 8th, 2010

    Our fourth of July celebrations were a little packed this year. Our oven gave out and our new one was delivered that morning. We ended up staying home from church to wait for the oven. My husbands birthday is the fourth and I might have had him install my oven on his birthday…I bought him a cheesecake! That makes it okay, right?

    Since the fourth landed on a Sunday our churches celebration(Rockets Over Rhema) ended up that day also (it is always on Sunday so it is not always on the fourth). We stayed for the some of the concerts and walked around a little bit but left before the fireworks.

    Chris Augustconcert6

    They had a Car showcarshow1

    Pastor Hagin giving away prizescarshow2

    Francesca Battistelliconcert4

    Beautiful! concert5

    We left just in time to make it to our own towns Firework display, it was a little close…I am not always good with time management. But we made it, that is all that matters. The anxiety in finding a parking spot and hoping I did not spoil the boys chance to see fireworks just adds to the excitement of the day I think.

    My little man on daddy’s shouldersfireworkdswunder



    I had to play around a little bit since I had the tripod set up and the cars were driving right past me! fireworks4What did you do for the fourth?