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    Dripping Springs Rendezvous ~Okmulgee, OK

    Wednesday, November 30th, 2016


    These events just make me happy.

    The people at them love history and enjoy sharing that love and knowledge with people.

    I am so glad we popped in on the way to the Talimena Drive for my birthday.


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    History really comes to life at these events.

    You feel like you have stepped back in time.

    adrippingspringsdsc_8567 adrippingspringsdsc_8569 adrippingspringsdsc_8570 adrippingspringsdsc_8571 adrippingspringsdsc_8572 adrippingspringsdsc_8576 adrippingspringsdsc_8577 adrippingspringsdsc_8578 adrippingspringsdsc_8580 adrippingspringsdsc_8581 adrippingspringsdsc_8583

    If nothing else I hope they came away thinking that history is interesting and alive.

    And that it prepped them for the really long drive we took that day to the Ouachita Mts. HA!

    Fur Trade Era Rendezvous ~Fort Washita, Durant, OK

    Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

    barracks3I had only visited one fort in Oklahoma until last weekend, Fort Gibson.

    I kept wanting to visit the other forts but they just seemed too far away for a trip just to see them.

    fortwallsImagine my delight when I found out that Fort Washita was on the way home from the DanMan Challenge we were going to!

    Not only was it on the way but it was having it’s Fur Trade Era Rendezvous the same weekend!

    barracksSo after we finished our 10K we headed to the Fort to walk around.

    Isn’t that what everyone does after running that far?


    fortIt was a very big fort so there was a lot of walking.

    My feet protested a little but I was okay with that.


    saberMy boys noticed his weapon right away and asked to see it.

    I really enjoy how people are passionate about sharing history at these events.

    Seeing a Dragoon show you his saber is so much better than a picture in a book!

    playerWe have gone to so many history events that we have started recognizing the regulars!

    This guy has been at two other events that we have been to.

    campsitesThe grounds were beautiful!

    toysThe boys always drool all over the handmade weapons.


    cemetaryThis fort was taken over by the Confederates during the Civil War.

    dyeDying cloth.


    teachingThis lady was great!

    So full of information on dying fabric!

    bugsDead bugs used for one of the colors(still used today).


    woolcardShowing the boys how to card wool.




    toolsThe Blacksmith shop.



    canonThe blacksmith had a little canon that he fired.

    It was loud!



    saddleThe Stables.


    candlemakingCandle Making.



    walkpathThis was a beautiful fort!

    I am so glad that we got to go!

    I really like to visit places like this when an event is going on, it is so much more fun to see people dressed in period clothing when going to historical places.

    Most of these places have websites so I just check out their event schedule and add it to our calendar!