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    McGee State Park ~Atoka, OK

    Friday, January 26th, 2018

    We stopped at an Oklahoma State Park on the way to Dinosaur Valley State Park since the drive straight there was a bit long.

    Especially since we leave Friday after Nick is done with work.


    McGee State Park ended up being about halfway and was a beautiful surprise.

    Pine forest, beautiful lake, and a lot of hiking nearby.


    She might need to work on her catch.


    Home away from home.

    amcgeeDSC_0094 amcgeeDSC_0100

    The boys were determined to build a bridge to the big rock.

    amcgeeDSC_0143 amcgeeDSC_0145

    amcgeeDSC_0153 amcgeeDSC_0163 amcgeeDSC_0169amcgeeDSC_0181

    The McGee Creek State Park Natural Scenic Recreation Area is just north of the main park.

    You have to get a permit to hike there though.

    The permits are available at the office and it was a very easy process.

    They do limit the number of permits they give out each day though so keep that in mind if you go during a busy time of the year.

    It was pretty empty while we were there.


    We did the nature trail first and it was a nice easy hike.



    We also went on the west branch hike because they recommended it.



    The boys were asking him questions about inventions almost the whole time.


    They have learned quickly that their dad is much better than I at helping them in that area.


    The twins saw Nick blow a raspberry on Little Bit’s cheek and insisted he do it to them.



    My kids are the best camera blockers ever…


    Such adorable expressions.

    We left after the hike to head to Dinosaur Valley.

    I realized to late that we were supposed to leave right away to make it to the Creation Museum in Glen Rose before it closed!


    It was only going to be open on that day also so we missed it this trip!

    My awesome planning landed us in Dallas at rush hour also…

    I am glad I was not driving.

    If I was driving we would have been pulling over and waiting for night to fall.

    I don’t like traffic.

    Especially with a 30ft trailer…

    A short video of our time there.

    Cataract Falls ~Spencer, IN

    Friday, May 26th, 2017

    We went to the wrong part of Lieber State Recreation Area to start with!

    Which is of course a great way to start a long day of driving…


    We did get to see this turtle, a flooded road, and a pretty path though on our scenic route…


    alieberDSC_6984 alieberDSC_6987 alieberDSC_6989 alieberDSC_6990 alieberDSC_6995 alieberDSC_7001 alieberDSC_7005

    Cataract Falls is actually over 30mins south of the main recreation area.

    I have been there before, oops…


    There is a fee for getting into the Recreation Area.

    It is around $5 though per car.

    So not bad.

    alieberDSC_7027 alieberDSC_7032 alieberDSC_7042 alieberDSC_7046 alieberDSC_7047 alieberDSC_7053 alieberDSC_7061 alieberDSC_7075 alieberDSC_7080 alieberDSC_7093 alieberDSC_7105 alieberDSC_7106

    We are learning about bridges soon so I found the different way this one was built interesting.

    alieberDSC_7120 alieberDSC_7124 alieberDSC_7127 alieberDSC_7132 alieberDSC_7135

    The lower falls was flooded so we ended up only seeing the upper falls this time but it was impressive!

    Beautiful place!

    Lake Wedington Recreation Area, AR

    Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

    I was feeling a bit caged in so I asked my husband if we could make the long drive into Arkansas to hike.

    I like the hiking that is closer to us but I needed mountains, forests, and maybe a little bit different.

    We ended up at Lake Wedington after our first location ended up not being where I thought on the map and another 2hours away…

    A little too far.

    They have this really nice bike trail across the road from the park.

    It is around 8miles long one way.

    It is not a loop so you do have to retrace your steps to get back to the car.

    I have read and saw the evidence while hiking (campsites and fire pits) that people do overnights here.

    We only hiked a couple hours though.

    I was in the mood for something a little harder but it ended up being a good hike.

    Nick kept asking Justin what tree the trail blaze was on so he would have to run back and look.

    The idea was for him to pay better attention and see them while hiking.

    The trail was marked with blue blazes.

    I made sure Nick took a picture of me, proof I do go on these hikes!

    Gifts from my two little men.

    We accendently took a detour on an old access road.

    The trail goes off to the right and the road keeps going straight.

    We ended up turning around to head back around here anyway.

    I told the boys to try to not let the plants touch them.

    It was pretty funny to watch.

    Heading back to the SUV (I get in big trouble for calling it a car).

    This little guy was hanging out on the trail and almost got stepped on.

    Good thing I am always looking at the ground (I am afraid I will trip on stuff).

    Nick says I am missing everything because I am not looking up but he missed this little guy and I saw him!

    So there!

    I just miss everything else…