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    Two Adventure Authors for Boys

    Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

    Brian's Saga

    I just discovered “Brian’s Saga” by Gary Paulsen.

    It starts with “Hatchet” a story about a troubled 13yr old boy who ends up alone in the Canadian wilderness and his quest to survive.

    My oldest ate this book up.

    He is 8yrs old and in the 3rd grade.

    His reading level is above that though.

    The only thing you might have a problem with this series is that his parents are going through a divorce and his mom has a “secret”(affair).

    They never really expound on it though and my son did not seem to really notice that part of the story.

    Any adventure loving child is going to love this series!

    picture books

    If you have younger children or just love beautiful books than I highly recommend checking out “Canoe Days” and “Dogteam” by the same author.

    My boys read on their own so much that I miss out on books like this a lot but after reading just one page I had to read both of these for myself.

    inside paulsen

    They are gorgeous!


    And it is not just the pictures that draw you in, the writing is breathtaking.

    I felt like I was reading poetry.

    This is what children’s books should be.

    I wish I had found these when my boys were toddlers, I would have loved to read them over and over again.

    I did not want to give them back to the library…

    Jean Craighead George

    My side of the Mountain, On the Far Side of the Mountain, and Frightful’s Mountain” all tie in together in a great series by Jean Craighead George.

    My son now thinks he should get a Falcon for his next pet.

    “Frightful’s Daughter. and Frightful’s Daughter Meets the Baron Weasel” are a beautiful set of picture books that continue the story.

    I had my 6yr old read those to me since he loves animal books so much.

    He can still baulk some at the bigger chapter books so I like to get him into the story first if I can.

    His brother does that for me most of the time though, he talks about a book so much that my youngest has to read it!


    We also own “One Day in the Prairie” by the same author, it is a nice short chapter book that might be easier for a 1st grader to pick up.

    It is another great book for an animal lover as well.


    Do you have a favorite adventure author?

    Quirky Christian Fiction

    Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

    I really like to read.

    A lot.

    That being said, I get really tired of reading about perfect people falling in love with other perfect people and spending the rest of their life marvelling at their shared perfection…

    It might say something about me that I really like a character that is quirky, real, and maybe slightly unhinged.

    I am always on the lookout for a good piece of Christian fiction that makes me laugh.

    Here are some of my current favorites(at least that I can remember, there are probably more!).


    1. Nosy in Nebraska Series ~By Mary Connealy

    A Mousaphobe that lives in a town with the world’s largest mouse makes for a hilarous first book in this series. I like the mystery and the realness of the characters.

    I like almost everything Mary Connealy has written! She writes westerns also and always includes a little mystery as well as a lot of quirky fun.

    You can get her book “Out of Control” free for Kindle right now.


    2. Squeaky Clean Series ~By Christy Barritt

    About a crime scene cleaner that can’t keep her nose out of trouble. I enjoy the mystery in these as well as the humor.

    3. PJ Sugar Series ~By Susan May Warren

    Trouble seems to follow PJ around and it makes for an interesting and funny series. I like to reread these once a year.

    Okay, I reread most books I like once a year…


    4. Lauren Holbrook Series ~By Erynn Mangum

    The first book in this series starts out very much like Jane Austen’s Emma but has it’s own quirky twist.

    Just be warned you will come away from this series craving chocolate and coffee…

    I like a lot of her Novellas as well!


    5. Moon Over Tokyo ~By Siri Mitchell

    I really like several of Siri Mitchell’s older books. Her newer historical dramas are a bit too depressing for me.

    Kissing Adrien” is another good one from her that I own.


    You might also want to check out:

    The Emma Rae Series ~By Sandra D. Bricker

    Cathy Marie Hake

    Miss Invisible ~By Laura Walker

    Perfecting Kate(as well as her Southern Discomfort Series) ~By Tamara Leigh


    Hopefully this helps someone that is having trouble finding good Christian Fiction!

    Let me know if you have one you would recommend as well!

    What the boys are reading.

    Thursday, June 19th, 2014



    I caught my boys out on the swing reading last night.

    It always makes me smile to see them reading together.


    My 7yr old liked “The Falconmaster” by R.L. La Fevers so much that he started reading it all over again after finishing it.

    He is my little adventure lover.

    I always keep my eye out for a good mystery or adventure for him.


    He also really liked the “No Place Like Holmes” series by Jason Lethcoe.

    They are a Christian mystery series.


    I originally got “The End of the Beginning” by Avi for his older brother but my 6yr old really liked it.

    He jumps at any funny book about animals.


    The “Jack Russell: Dog Detective Series” is a favorite of his also right now.

    He laughs out loud a lot while reading them.

    The boys actually pass these back and forth.

    That is what my oldest is reading and finding so funny in the picture below.


    They have been doing most of their summer reading in the vehicle.

    I have always treasured the trip back from the library because the boys would be quietly reading for the drive.

    One day I realized they could just read on the way to places instead of yelling in my ear.

    Best decision ever.

    Our car rides are now peaceful and quiet.

    As long as they do not finish their book to quickly…