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I am a wife, homeschool mom, a hiker, and a photographer living in Oklahoma. I love beautiful light and being in the woods. I share what I love on this blog, be they trails, pictures, or homschooling curriculum. Thanks for stopping by!

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    Maramec Spring Park ~St. James, MO

    Monday, May 22nd, 2017

    This is a beautiful park in Missouri!

    Maramec Spring Park is not too far outside of St. Louis and a short distance away from Interstate 40.

    aspringsDSC_6398 aspringsDSC_6407

    They have these pools filled with trout!

    There were so many, it seemed unreal.

    aspringsDSC_6411 aspringsDSC_6421 aspringsDSC_6434 aspringsDSC_6438 aspringsDSC_6443 aspringsDSC_6446 aspringsDSC_6448 aspringsDSC_6450 aspringsDSC_6455 aspringsDSC_6458 aspringsDSC_6459

    They have beautiful paths for you to walk along the river.

    aspringsDSC_6476 aspringsDSC_6483

    They have several feeding stations set up also.

    Someone was super nice and gave us some quarters they did not need, so we could feed the fish.

    aspringsDSC_6485 aspringsDSC_6494

    My kids were just searching the ground for fish food people had dropped since we did not bring any quarters.

    aspringsDSC_6504 aspringsDSC_6524 aspringsDSC_6541 aspringsDSC_6556 aspringsDSC_6559

    They had a nice museum to go to.

    There was another also but I found we all did better outdoors after being in a vehicle for hours…


    The kids really liked this watershed display.

    It really rained.

    aspringsDSC_6578 aspringsDSC_6588 aspringsDSC_6593 aspringsDSC_6597 aspringsDSC_6602 aspringsDSC_6607 aspringsDSC_6613 aspringsDSC_6615 aspringsDSC_6624

    This is a great spot to stop for us on trips to Indiana.

    Can’t wait to go there again!

    Government Springs Park ~Enid, OK

    Monday, January 23rd, 2017


    There is a park in Enid where the Oklahoma Land Run and Chisholm Trail meet!

    That alone would be a fun reason to go and just think about all the Oklahoma history that went through there but it also has some fun educational plaques about the history, a garden, and a nice walking path.

    atrailDSC_7556 atrailDSC_7560 atrailDSC_7562 atrailDSC_7564

    It was a fun way to introduce my girls to some Oklahoma history.

    The boys have learned this before but it is always good to remind them.

    atrailDSC_7569 atrailDSC_7571 atrailDSC_7575 atrailDSC_7580 atrailDSC_7584

    We talked about what the man had with him and if they would want to spend the night like that.

    He had just staked his claim.

    atrailDSC_7589 atrailDSC_7591

    There are also some silhouettes of a cattle drive.

    atrailDSC_7592 atrailDSC_7593

    Geese freak anyone else out?

    Just me?


    atrailDSC_7597 atrailDSC_7605 atrailDSC_7613

    The Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center is right next to the park and looks amazing!

    It was closed on the day we went but I definitely want to go back and check it out!

    We were on our way to the Gloss Mountains State Park so this was just a quick break from driving.

    Such a fun historic place though.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to get some books about the land run and cattle drives to read while there!

    It would definitely help history come to life!

    The Great Smoky Mountain National Park

    Tuesday, January 6th, 2015


    We went to the Smoky Mountains after Christmas!

    I thought I would share some of my favorite pics!


    waterfallLaural Falls


    Chimney Tops Trail





    stepsThere were a lot of steps on the Chimney Tops Trail!

    barnReally cool homestead at the Oconaluftee Visitor Center.


    Beautiful hike on the Application Trail from Newfoundland Gap.








    We went up to Daniel’s Bunion.

    It was 9+ miles total, out and back.



    Gorgeous Views!



    ontopThis hike was definitely my favorite!



    This part made me nervous but it was beautiful.


    millMingus Mill.


    Beautiful sunset on the Carolina side.






    holdOur last hike was on the Alum Cave Trail.

    We just went up to the arch but it was still really neat to see.

    I can’t imagine what this place is like during the summer since it was pretty crowded during the week in the winter!

    So beautiful though!

    Have you ever been?

    What was your favorite spot?