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    Christmas Tree!

    Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

    hangingornamentsWhen we finally got some snow I suddenly felt in the Christmas spirit!

    handsThe boys were so excited to put up the tree.

    treepics ornamentsI thought I would give an update on the clay ornaments we made two years ago.

    When I took them out this year they had started to disintegrate a bit.

    They still look okay but are a little rough.

    Not sure if they will last another year.


    pictureornament twine woodenornamentI also made these picture ornaments a couple years ago and they are holding up great!

    All I used was scrapbook paper, wooden plaques, and modpodge.

    I assembled them and then drilled two holes in the top.

    I would really like to make one for each year, they are my favorite ornaments!

    My house finally looks like Christmas!

    Car Ornaments

    Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

    I have been on a homeade ornament kick this year thanks to Pinterest.

    With my limited craftiness I knew I needed to pick something that was not too difficult so I would actually finish it.

    Enter Walmart.

    I bought two of their $.97 wooden trucks in the craft section for the boys to paint.

    I already had everything else I needed.

    Which was:

    1. Paint (I used Acrylic)

    2. Paint Brushes

    3. Eyelets

    4. Twine (my new best friend)

    My boys love anything messy or destructive.

    These little guys fit perfectly on my mismatched thrown together tree.

    Just the way I like my trees by the way.

    I thought I would share these little guys also.

    I have never had a tree topper on my tree.

    My oldest was really concerned this year by the empty space on the top of the tree.

    The reason I did not have one was that I had not found one I liked.

    So I made one.

    I tried looking for one online so I could see how someone else made one but I did not find what I wanted.This tutorial did help inspire me though.

    I drew a basic star pattern in the size I wanted (I just happened to have a metal star ornament in a size that would work).

    I roughly measured some wooden rods I had on hand (you can buy them at most craft stores) and cut them with a hand saw.

    I laid them on my pattern and after I was happy with how it looked, marked with a pen where all the rods intersected.

    Then I started the tedious (I actually liked it) job of wrapping the twine onto the rods.

    I would have taken pictures and showed you how I kept it all together but it was not pretty…

    This is probably the worst tutorial ever.

    It did work though!

    I just used more twine to tie it to the top.

    The little ornament next to it is a sparkly one I had that I covered in mod podge and wrapped in twine.

    Anyone else out there obsessed with twine?

    Clay Ornaments!

    Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

    A picture I found on Pinterest is what started it all.

    I saw it a couple months ago and knew that I wanted to try to make something similar.

    I knew I would never be able to make the same one because I just do not have the patience for perfection.

    It is a good thing I like the rustic, half done look.

    I used the air dry clay because I already had it on hand.

    You can use the oven bake kind if you want.

    We used Cookie cutters for the shapes and straws for the holes!

    I really loved the straw idea.

    I found it, here.

    We used stamps I had laying around for these.

    I got that idea from this site.

    These were MY ornaments. I did not let the boys help.

    I knew the moment I saw them on this site that I wanted them all for myself.

    I let the boys have a say and help out with the others but not these.

    It is good to be selfish sometimes.

    At least for me.

    These are pure boy.

    My youngest had a starfish figure in his hand all day and so decided to use it for his ornament.

    My oldest decided to use a pig for his…

    I used jute/twine to hang them up.

    I am really happy with how they turned out!

    I am becoming addicted to homemade ornaments!

    Anyone else having this happen to them?

    I blame Pinterest.

    It makes me think I can do things that I can not do…