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    Leonardo’s Children Museum ~Enid, OK

    Friday, October 20th, 2017


    This is another great museum on the Oklahoma Museum Network.


    It has a giant playground outside.


    They have also expanded since the last time we went!

    amusDSC_8365 amusDSC_8366 amusDSC_8369 amusDSC_8372 amusDSC_8376 amusDSC_8381 amusDSC_8388

    They had a workshop area to take apart electronics and build things!


    Little Bit was not happy about taking apart a toy instead of playing with it.

    The boys really liked it though!

    amusDSC_8399 amusDSC_8401 amusDSC_8405 amusDSC_8411 amusDSC_8420 amusDSC_8425 amusDSC_8428

    I let Nick supervise the sharp objects…

    amusDSC_8445 amusDSC_8451 amusDSC_8456 amusDSC_8457 amusDSC_8458 amusDSC_8463 amusDSC_8468 amusDSC_8470 amusDSC_8472

    So many interesting exhibits that we have never seen before!

    amusDSC_8481 amusDSC_8487 amusDSC_8504 amusDSC_8505 amusDSC_8507 amusDSC_8509 amusDSC_8519 amusDSC_8530 amusDSC_8531 amusDSC_8536 amusDSC_8539 amusDSC_8542 amusDSC_8546 amusDSC_8553 amusDSC_8567 amusDSC_8570 amusDSC_8574

    This place was amazing!

    Check out Leonardo’s if you are ever in the Enid area!

    MCHS Threshing Bee and 2 Cylinder Tractor Show ~Fairview, OK

    Wednesday, October 11th, 2017


    athreshingDSC_7236 athreshingDSC_7244 athreshingDSC_7250 athreshingDSC_7251 athreshingDSC_7252 athreshingDSC_7254 athreshingDSC_7260 athreshingDSC_7267 athreshingDSC_7269 athreshingDSC_7273 athreshingDSC_7280 athreshingDSC_7288 athreshingDSC_7299 athreshingDSC_7307 athreshingDSC_7311 athreshingDSC_7324 athreshingDSC_7334 athreshingDSC_7341 athreshingDSC_7349 athreshingDSC_7362

    Ice Cream Churn


    Anvil Firing

    athreshingDSC_7376 athreshingDSC_7384 athreshingDSC_7385 athreshingDSC_7396 athreshingDSC_7411 athreshingDSC_7417 athreshingDSC_7427 athreshingDSC_7433 athreshingDSC_7439 athreshingDSC_7442 athreshingDSC_7447 athreshingDSC_7448 athreshingDSC_7454 athreshingDSC_7459

    Little Bit does not like loud noises.

    Thankfully we brought her some ear muffs!

    athreshingDSC_7468 athreshingDSC_7473 athreshingDSC_7479 athreshingDSC_7482 athreshingDSC_7484 athreshingDSC_7486 athreshingDSC_7495 athreshingDSC_7496 athreshingDSC_7511 athreshingDSC_7515 athreshingDSC_7639

    We got to see the Anvil Firing twice!

    Talk about loud!

    So interesting.


    We left for a little bit but came back for the tractor pull.

    athreshingDSC_7647 athreshingDSC_7653 athreshingDSC_7657

    Ford’s are so tough they can pull a whole house…


    athreshingDSC_7667 athreshingDSC_7676 athreshingDSC_7677 athreshingDSC_7706

    The guy who made these gave one to all my kids!

    So nice of him!

    athreshingDSC_7710 athreshingDSC_7713 athreshingDSC_7725 athreshingDSC_7727 athreshingDSC_7734

    I really enjoyed this event an am glad we drove out to Fairview to go.

    You can see the post I did about the campground we stayed in here, and the other place we visited here.

    Gloss Mountain State Park ~Fairview, OK

    Monday, October 2nd, 2017

    We went to Gloss Mountain State Park 3 times while camping nearby.

    aglossDSC_7520 aglossDSC_7524 aglossDSC_7533 aglossDSC_7536 aglossDSC_7538 aglossDSC_7542 aglossDSC_7547 aglossDSC_7548 aglossDSC_7549

    I went to the top with three of the kids Saturday afternoon.

    aglossDSC_7555 aglossDSC_7557 aglossDSC_7559

    She likes to stop in the shade.

    Every hike, she is stopped somewhere in the shade.

    aglossDSC_7575 aglossDSC_7578 aglossDSC_7580

    These views always make the hike up worth it.

    aglossDSC_7594 aglossDSC_7595 aglossDSC_7629 aglossDSC_7630 aglossDSC_7633 aglossDSC_8044

    I could not resist going back that same evening.

    I missed most of the sunset but it was still magical up there.

    aglossDSC_8054 aglossDSC_8063 aglossDSC_8065

    It was close to bedtime so I just took the two oldest up.

    aglossDSC_8069 aglossDSC_8073 aglossDSC_8081

    My younger boy asked that we walk to the end this time(there is a trail on top).

    aglossDSC_8086 aglossDSC_8097 aglossDSC_8120 aglossDSC_8156

    We did not make it to the very end of the trail since we were loosing light fast.

    I always think of a Louis Lamour book called “The Haunted Mesa” when I am on top of Gloss Mountain.

    As the light faded that book seemed to come to life.

    It is not set in this location but reminds me of it.

    So yes, I shared with my boys that I felt like I was going to be transported to another world.


    My younger boy analizes everything and let me know that there are other worlds in a way.


    I miss talks and moments like this, we don’t have them as often anymore.


    My favorite hike was the next morning.


    We all went up before heading home.

    aglossDSC_8212 aglossDSC_8221

    This place is always amazing.

    aglossDSC_8223_01 aglossDSC_8224 aglossDSC_8240 aglossDSC_8243 aglossDSC_8246 aglossDSC_8248 aglossDSC_8249 aglossDSC_8251 aglossDSC_8256 aglossDSC_8266

    Oklahoma skies showing off.

    aglossDSC_8271 aglossDSC_8272

    Trying to get everyone in.

    aglossDSC_8279 aglossDSC_8285 aglossDSC_8288 aglossDSC_8293

    Finally went to the end!

    Also, don’t fall off…


    Keep in mind that you are hiking on top of a mesa so drop offs everywhere.


    It makes for a beautiful hike though.

    aglossDSC_8309 aglossDSC_8314 aglossDSC_8316 aglossDSC_8321 aglossDSC_8322

    Heading back down! You can actually see our camper in the parking lot below!


    Minutes after driving down the road our awning ripped off our rv.

    What would an rv trip be without a little added challenge?


    If you bend an awning in half it will fit into your rv!

    Good information to know.

    You are welcome.

    Here is a short video of our weekend.