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    Labor Day Vacation 2017 ~ Day 1 ~ Arcadia Lake

    Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

    The first stop of our 4 night camping trip was Arcadia Lake in OKC.

    We knew it would be busy so we hoped getting there on a Thursday would help.

    We snagged the last spot with electric because I called earlier in the day and prepaid!

    They filled up fast!

    Which of course made me really nervous about finding a spot in our final destination, Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

    All the camping spots we stayed in were first come first serve, no reservations.


    Our first spot was right next to the playground.

    It was a pretty place but really close to a big city and the sites are close.

    I was glad we were not staying more than one night.


    They thought the pictures of their beads sticking out were funny and kept wanting to do it.


    I found these boots because of  youtuber’s that travels fulltime in an airstream with their daughter.

    They a really sturdy and easy to clean!

    aokcDSC_4599 aokcDSC_4603 aokcDSC_4605

    This was our first time using the camper!

    We wanted something that made camping in the Oklahoma heat easier, fits all our kids, but was not huge.

    It worked out great for us!

    aokcDSC_4613 aokcDSC_4623

    Beautiful view early the next morning before we left to head south.


    My cute tag along.


    She decided she wanted to go back with the others and started slowly walking back to the campsite to see if I would follow.

    3yr olds are a riot.


    We mostly just slept in the trailer.

    Eating and playing outside.

    That helped keep everyone(mostly me) sane(ish).


    I was so stressed leaving this site!

    I had no clue if we would be able to find a place to stay that night!

    I am so glad we took the chance though!

    OKC Outdoors

    Friday, July 14th, 2017

    Arcadia Conservation Education Area

    aokcDSC_1629 aokcDSC_1631 aokcDSC_1633 aokcDSC_1639 aokcDSC_1641

    They are racing for the shade.

    It was a little bit hot.

    aokcDSC_1643 aokcDSC_1645 aokcDSC_1649 aokcDSC_1658 aokcDSC_1664 aokcDSC_1673 aokcDSC_1674

    The education center was closed when we went.

    I am not sure if it is only used for school trips and stuff?


    Martin Park Nature Center

    We found out that the nature center was closed for construction after we got there.

    So you will want to check the status of that before you go.

    aokcDSC_1689 aokcDSC_1691

    This place had really nice easy walks but we ran into seed ticks while there. I am wondering if it was from the bridge or tower.

    We stayed in the middle of the path and usually can avoid them if we don’t brush up against grass.

    Thankfully a baby wipe got a lot of them off.

    aokcDSC_1692 aokcDSC_1695 aokcDSC_1697 aokcDSC_1699 aokcDSC_1700 aokcDSC_1706 aokcDSC_1707 aokcDSC_1710 aokcDSC_1712 aokcDSC_1714

    Acadia Lake State Parks


    We actually parked here so Little Bit could take a nap!

    It was really hot that day but by parking in the shade right next to the lake, it was not bad at all.

    aokcDSC_1717 aokcDSC_1720 aokcDSC_1730 aokcDSC_1731 aokcDSC_1737 aokcDSC_1748 aokcDSC_1749

    This trail does not seem to get much use.

    The farther we went the smaller the trail so we turned around.

    I try not to take trails that are too narrow in the summer here.

    Sure enough we got ticks from this one as well.

    aokcDSC_1761 aokcDSC_1767

    Arcadia Lake is really pretty though and has lots of camping options.

    Might need to make an rv trip here someday.

    Oklahoma Railway Museum ~OKC, OK

    Friday, February 3rd, 2017

    We were not ready to go home yet after going to the Museum of Osteology so we stopped by the Oklahoma Railway Museum for a short visit.


    It actually worked out pretty perfectly.

    They had a playground for the kids to play on and they got to go inside some of the rail cars!

    arailwayDSC_8461 arailwayDSC_8486 arailwayDSC_8495 arailwayDSC_8499 arailwayDSC_8510

    This is my favorite shirt…

    arailwayDSC_8512 arailwayDSC_8515 arailwayDSC_8529

    It is free so a quick stop worked out great!

    Everyone got any extra energy out for the drive back!


    Just for fun I looked up pictures from the last time we went for our oldest’s birthday.


    2010 train ride at the Railway Museum!


    Seems like a different lifetime.