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    Pictures and drone flying for 13th Anniversary

    Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

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    At least one of our five kids always manage to make it into shots.

    aannDSC_9485 aannDSC_9488


    How he really feels about pictures…

    aannDSC_9538 aannDSC_9545

    He looks all sweet and loving but he was really falling asleep…

    aannDSC_9546 aannDSC_9547 aannDSC_9548 aannDSC_9550

    The day felt a bit like any other day but after Nick got home I bought some cheesecake for the two of us and later in the evening we got the drone out and I practiced flying it!

    As a bonus, I did not crash!

    It was a nice easy way to celebrate 13yrs of marriage.

    This is our serious face…

    Monday, October 10th, 2016

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    I had visions of romantic, serious pictures of Nick and I.

    The second I sat down next to him he started tickling me.

    We have our serious moments but for pictures, this is us.

    Life is too serious to not have laughing pics.

    11th Anniversary

    Friday, June 5th, 2015


    It’s funny too me how important dates are early on.

    You need to celebrate on that exact date or maybe you aren’t married after all?

    I understand that some people still really like to celebrate on the exact date for things but I have realized recently that dates don’t mean as much to me.

    Moments do.


    This year we did not really plan anything for our anniversary.

    Life happened.

    Beautiful, amazing, everyday life.

    The one I dreamed about before I met Nick and was having a lonely moment.

    I would rather enjoy this everyday life then stress about making the day stand out and be different.


    Maybe we go on a hike tomorrow or go to a festival, maybe not.

    I will still enjoy spending the weekend with this analytical, caring, amazing man.

    I am so thankful for 11yrs of growing stronger together.

    I am blessed.