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    A birthday and the Sam Noble Museum

    Friday, February 9th, 2018

    For my second oldest birthday, we were heading home from a camping trip but we stopped at the OKC Natural History Museum on the way home.

    I like how hands on the exhibits are.

    As a creationist going to a museum like this could seem like a problem but I don’t mind them hearing both sides.

    We also learn a lot about the creation side.

    You could just go to enjoy the exhibits and not read the boards though if it bothered you.

    The exhibits are still put together really well.

    We are working on teaching our boys to respectfully listen to people even if they disagree with them, so this was a great opportunity for that.

    Less than half of the museum covers prehistoric history.

    The top floor is Oklahoma history and the ecosystems in Oklahoma.




    The murals are all so amazing.

    They are one of my favorite parts.


    Does anyone else have kids that pretty much just jump from one computer to the next?

    This was a perfect stop after staying at Dinosaur Valley State Park!

    And a great stop for our Dinosaur loving boy.

    I am really enjoying going on trips on our kids birthdays!

    So much fun!

    OKC History Center & Museum of Natural History

    Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

    Oklahoma History CenteramusDSC_0556 amusDSC_0580 amusDSC_0588 amusDSC_5688 amusDSC_0597 amusDSC_0600 amusDSC_0612 amusDSC_0658 amusDSC_0713 amusDSC_0728 amusDSC_0741 amusDSC_0747

    Museum of Natural History, Norman

    amusDSC_0758 amusDSC_0763 amusDSC_0784 amusDSC_0786 amusDSC_0806 amusDSC_0808 amusDSC_0828 amusDSC_0829 amusDSC_0830 amusDSC_5749 amusDSC_5751

    Fight scene from Macbeth.

    They have activities going on in the month of January while the first Folio of Shakespeare is there.