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    Handing off the camera

    Thursday, December 21st, 2017

    ameDSC_8230 ameDSC_8240

    I handed my camera off to one of my 8yr olds and got some treasure.

    ameDSC_8250 ameDSC_8254

    I am pretty impressed she got us in focus.

    ameDSC_8255 ameDSC_8256 ameDSC_8259

    Love that smile.


    Sassing 3yr old.

    ameDSC_8262 ameDSC_8268 ameDSC_8269 ameDSC_8275
    ameDSC_8283 ameDSC_8284
    ameDSC_8294 ameDSC_8299 ameDSC_8304 ameDSC_8314


    Little bit wanted to take pics of her sister also.

    I helped make sure it did not fall.

    ameDSC_8329 ameDSC_8330 ameDSC_8331

    Do you hand off your phone or camera to your little ones?

    Girl’s Best Friend

    Thursday, December 14th, 2017

    I got tired of missing all the pretty light so yesterday, I put off dinner and headed outside.


    My happy place.


    I coaxed the 3yr old to sit next to the pretty grass.


    This old girl has been a huge blessing with the girls.


    She helps them calm down and puts up with so much from them.

    amaddieDSC_8131 amaddieDSC_8138

    They like how she won’t let them stop petting her.


    This girl…

    amaddieDSC_8145 amaddieDSC_8157 amaddieDSC_8161 amaddieDSC_8169 amaddieDSC_8171 amaddieDSC_8174 amaddieDSC_8175 amaddieDSC_8177 amaddieDSC_8180 amaddieDSC_8181 amaddieDSC_8184 amaddieDSC_8186 amaddieDSC_8189 amaddieDSC_8192 amaddieDSC_8193 amaddieDSC_8198 amaddieDSC_8201 amaddieDSC_8204_01

    I am so glad I put off dinner and went outside.

    amaddieDSC_8206 amaddieDSC_8207 amaddieDSC_8209 amaddieDSC_8210

    Last Day as 7yr olds!

    Monday, November 13th, 2017

    We went on a week-long RV trip to the Palo Duro Canyon last week so I did not post a pic of the twins for their bday!

    I did remember to take pics on their last day of being seven though!


    This one does not like that she is the younger twin.

    Even if it is only by a little bit.



    Her nose crinkle is my favorite.

    And her genuine smile.

    It is breathtaking.

    apaloDSC_4199 apaloDSC_4219

    My oldest girl.

    She asked me what I did with her sister for pics the whole time…

    apaloDSC_4233 apaloDSC_4235

    She was torn between really wanting pics like her sister and not wanting to miss out on what anyone else was doing.


    Pretty much our day in a nutshell 🙂


    Her personality always seems to come through in pics…



    These girls are teaching me what grace truly means.

    Birthday’s are hard for them although each one seems to be better than the last.

    If you did not know this, birthday’s, holidays, etc. can be really difficult for adoptees.

    It is all at once happy and sad.

    Sometimes my patience fails but I think overall they had a good day.

    Filled with cake, presents, and pizza(their request, which can be tough when in a new place with their allergies but we found a place! Yes, we said NO CHEESE on the pizza. Ha).