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    Monday, June 8th, 2015

    Nick had been so busy working on projects around the house for me!

    We are moving the boys to the room where we keep all of the legos and it needed a few modifications to make it work.


    He put in an exterior steel door in place of the screen one.



    He also added a top bunk to the existing bed/couch out there!

    I am so blessed to have a husband that can ask what I want and build it!

    We will hopefully get the boys moved in this week!

    So my 1150sq ft house has 4 bedrooms now, which I think is pretty awesome.


    We had a little visitor to the garden.

    Since he is not venomous, I told him he could stay.


    The crazy amount of rain we got made my peas go crazy!

    This is my first year trying them and they took over!


    The boys were pretty excited about eating so many sugar snaps and snow peas.


    We have had so many they are not even getting eaten!



    Morning Glories are still trying to take over everything.

    When the summer heat tries to kill everything I am always thankful these guys are around so it looks like I can keep something alive.


    I decided to plant some of the ones that popped up in my garden in my window box.

    That way when I forget to water them I did not waist my money…

    Anyone else forget to water their window boxes?

    I am the worst about it when it rains!

    Because I should not have to water things after it rained.

    I will rig a self watering system one of these days.

    A garden teepee.

    Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

    I saw the idea on SouleMama’s blog.

    Her blog is so beautiful you can’t help but find something inspiring there.

    She made teepee’s in her garden for some of her climbing plants to grow up on but also so her children could play in them.

    I loved the whimsy and I really wanted to do something similar for my garden.

    She used branches but I did not really have any I could use so I bought these bamboo poles at Walmart for less then a dollar a piece.

    I bought the twine at a farm store but I think Walmart carries it also.

    I held the four poles together and just wrapped the twine all around the top.

    Then I started at the bottom of a pole tying the twine to one, then wrapping it around and zig zagging my way to the top.

    I left two sides open because I was worried about blocking this path for my dog.

    It is right next to my vegetable and herb garden and I was worried she might choose to walk through that instead!

    My Morning Glories are already climbing it!

    I get to see this everytime I look out my kitchen window and it always makes me smile.

    Do you have anything that makes you smile in your garden right now?

    Something fun or maybe even silly?

    You should!

    My Pervoskia has just started blooming also!

    So much to smile about in my garden right now.

    Hope you find many things to delight in today!