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I am a wife, homeschool mom, a hiker, and a photographer living in Oklahoma. I love beautiful light and being in the woods. I share what I love on this blog, be they trails, pictures, or homschooling curriculum. Thanks for stopping by!

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    Little ones with babies

    Thursday, March 9th, 2017

    There is just something adorable about little girls playing with their dolls.

    Add pretty light and a new hairstyle and I am a goner…

    agirlsDSC_9516 agirlsDSC_9517 agirlsDSC_9518 agirlsDSC_9520

    I asked her what her babies name was.

    agirlsDSC_9523 agirlsDSC_9527 agirlsDSC_9533

    She is feisty and in your face a lot of the time.


    Every once in a while though I get to see this amazing smile and a glimpse of the women she might become.

    agirlsDSC_9536 agirlsDSC_9556 agirlsDSC_9558 agirlsDSC_9576 agirlsDSC_9581

    Post Oak Challenge 10k ~Nick&”B”

    Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

    Nick did the 10k with “B” one of our 7yr olds.

    Since I had 4 kids this time, I waited and came for the finish instead of getting everyone up and waiting at the race the whole time.

    araceDSC_9766 araceDSC_9768

    We actually timed it pretty great and were only waiting a little bit.

    araceDSC_9772 araceDSC_9774 araceDSC_9779 araceDSC_9786

    She is was so happy that she got to do it!

    araceDSC_9794 araceDSC_9797

    She loved all the attention she got.

    araceDSC_9801 araceDSC_9802 araceDSC_9814 araceDSC_9817

    I have decided I am a trail run type mom instead of a soccer mom.


    Trail runs are in such beautiful locations!

    Bring on the next one!


    We have two that want to run in the next one already.

    Well if you don’t count little bit.

    She is pretty upset she is too little.

    She keeps saying she is “super fast” and “dinosaur big”…

    Looks like we will need to find a 1 miles fun run for her soon.

    Playing in the Missippi River~Itasca State Park, MN

    Sunday, March 5th, 2017

    These were taken from our trip to Minnesota last August.

    aminnDSC_6658 aminnDSC_6669 aminnDSC_6687 aminnDSC_6718 aminnDSC_6729 aminnDSC_6736 aminnDSC_6743 aminnDSC_6744 aminnDSC_6747 aminnDSC_6756 aminnDSC_6758 aminnDSC_6764 aminnDSC_6765 aminnDSC_6769 aminnDSC_6770 aminnDSC_6776 aminnDSC_6778 aminnDSC_6794 aminnDSC_6803 aminnDSC_6842 aminnDSC_6848 aminnDSC_6853 aminnDSC_6885 aminnDSC_6888 aminnDSC_6889 aminnDSC_6890 aminnDSC_6905 aminnDSC_6909 aminnDSC_6923 aminnDSC_6937 aminnDSC_6943 aminnDSC_6947 aminnDSC_6948 aminnDSC_6952 aminnDSC_6968 aminnDSC_6990 aminnDSC_6992 aminnDSC_6996 aminnDSC_6997 aminnDSC_7003 aminnDSC_7010 aminnDSC_7018 aminnDSC_7022 aminnDSC_7031 aminnDSC_7032 aminnDSC_7047 aminnDSC_7049 aminnDSC_7057 aminnDSC_7063 aminnDSC_7077 aminnDSC_7082 aminnDSC_7101 aminnDSC_7102 aminnDSC_7116 aminnDSC_7200

    aminnDSC_7205 aminnDSC_7215 aminnDSC_7221 aminnDSC_7222 aminnDSC_7264 aminnDSC_7286 aminnDSC_7289 aminnDSC_7307