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    Keystone Mountain Bike & Hiking Trail ~Keystone Lake, OK

    Friday, May 30th, 2014

     I asked my husband if we could hike the Keystone trail so I could get new pictures to do an updated blog post.

    We visit this trail a couple times a year but recently we have been running it so I do not bring my camera.

    It was nice to go through it at a little slower pace last Saturday.


    The parking lot is located across from the Keystone State Park.

    I realized when we pulled up that it can be a little hard to find unless you already know what you are looking for so I took a picture of the entrance.


    Once you pull into the parking lot there are two main entrances to the trail system.

    We usually do a loop so it does not really matter which way we go.

    There is a map at the travelok.com site to help you out though.


    This was one of the earlier hikes my husband and I did when we first got married, almost 10yrs ago!

    We had gotten turned around a bit and went longer than intended(at least that is what I was told).

    I remember thinking I was going to die…

    My face was all red(I do not glisten, I sweat, and turn into a tomato) and I was breathing really hard.

    My husband barely broke a sweat.

    He almost got a rock thrown at him when at the very end he said “Hey! I am starting to sweat!”.

    We were at slightly different fitness levels.


    I fared better during this hike, it is nice to know I am in better shape than I once was.

    There is an easy loop for beginners(green).

    It is a stacked loop system with 8miles of trail total with the longest uninterrupted loop(with portions of each loop) being around 5 miles.



    We saw two turtles nesting while out!

    I had never seen this before!



    Portions of the trail are really rocky so I try to make sure I have sturdy boots when hiking there.






    I think the difficulty rating is geared more towards bikers but I am not one hundred percent sure on that.

    The Expert portion does not seem as difficult as others we have done with a similar rating.



    You can avoid brushing up against foliage for most of the trail so we were able to walk away with few if any ticks.













    We heard a storm coming but thankfully it was not too bad.

    I welcome rain while hiking(I was hot!) but I had not brought a bag for my camera and I do not like to hike in a thunderstorm.



    His hair goes curly in the rain.


    We ended up with over 5 miles!

    Nick had been in China for a week so I was pretty happy to be able to get out and hike a longer hike!

    I try to stay away from long hikes when I am alone with the boys.

    It felt really good to push myself!

    If you live in the area you should check out this trail!

    It is a great hike!

    If you want to find more local hikes I have made it easy for you.

    Check out my Oklahoma board on Pinterest, I included the map feature so you can easily find hikes and events I have done or want to do in the area.