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    Maplewood State Park ~Pelican Rapids, MN

    Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

    Maplewood State Park

    I love this park so much that we ended up going three times while visiting family in MN!


    The first time we ended up just taking the twins and my niece.

    amnDSC_8771 amnDSC_8759 amnDSC_8773 amnDSC_8794 amnDSC_8822

    This is the woodland trail loop.

    It is under a mile but so pretty!

    amnDSC_8831 amnDSC_8835 amnDSC_8885

    I may have told my husband that I was not going home…

    amnDSC_8888 amnDSC_8890 amnDSC_8891

    Minnesota in the fall is hard to leave!

    amnDSC_8897 amnDSC_8904

    My adorable niece.

    amnDSC_8922 amnDSC_8919 amnDSC_9305

    For the second visit, we had all of our kids and came into the park from the south.


    This is a small portion of the Star Loop trail.

    amnDSC_9335 amnDSC_9346

    Next, we walked some of this beautiful trail near Maplewood Church.


    I had actually decided to try a family picture with this stunning backdrop but a birthday party started.

    I could not bring myself to get out my tripod and set everyone up for a family pic with an audience.

    amnDSC_9387 amnDSC_9396 amnDSC_9405 amnDSC_9413

    amnDSC_9469 amnDSC_9472 amnDSC_9492

    We drove into in the park a bit more and ended up stopping to take this pic on a side road.

    amnDSC_9511 amnDSC_9530

    I love how it looks like everyone is cooperating and having fun but in real life, I had one mad at me and glaring for most of the pics…

    amnDSC_9535 amnDSC_9532


    On our 3rd visit, we had just the girls(the boys opted to stay and play with cousins).

    We hiked on the Ironwood Trail.

    amnDSC_1058 amnDSC_1062 amnDSC_1067

    I can’t get over how pretty the woods were.

    amnDSC_1075 amnDSC_1077 amnDSC_1084 amnDSC_1144 amnDSC_1153 amnDSC_1164 amnDSC_1169 amnDSC_1182 amnDSC_1238

    The girls decided to throw leaves at Nick on the hike back to the vehicle.

    amnDSC_1239 amnDSC_1248

    Love these.

    amnDSC_1249 amnDSC_1250 amnDSC_1251 amnDSC_1252 amnDSC_1253

    I am already missing fall in Minnesota!

    Playing in the Missippi River~Itasca State Park, MN

    Sunday, March 5th, 2017

    These were taken from our trip to Minnesota last August.

    aminnDSC_6658 aminnDSC_6669 aminnDSC_6687 aminnDSC_6718 aminnDSC_6729 aminnDSC_6736 aminnDSC_6743 aminnDSC_6744 aminnDSC_6747 aminnDSC_6756 aminnDSC_6758 aminnDSC_6764 aminnDSC_6765 aminnDSC_6769 aminnDSC_6770 aminnDSC_6776 aminnDSC_6778 aminnDSC_6794 aminnDSC_6803 aminnDSC_6842 aminnDSC_6848 aminnDSC_6853 aminnDSC_6885 aminnDSC_6888 aminnDSC_6889 aminnDSC_6890 aminnDSC_6905 aminnDSC_6909 aminnDSC_6923 aminnDSC_6937 aminnDSC_6943 aminnDSC_6947 aminnDSC_6948 aminnDSC_6952 aminnDSC_6968 aminnDSC_6990 aminnDSC_6992 aminnDSC_6996 aminnDSC_6997 aminnDSC_7003 aminnDSC_7010 aminnDSC_7018 aminnDSC_7022 aminnDSC_7031 aminnDSC_7032 aminnDSC_7047 aminnDSC_7049 aminnDSC_7057 aminnDSC_7063 aminnDSC_7077 aminnDSC_7082 aminnDSC_7101 aminnDSC_7102 aminnDSC_7116 aminnDSC_7200

    aminnDSC_7205 aminnDSC_7215 aminnDSC_7221 aminnDSC_7222 aminnDSC_7264 aminnDSC_7286 aminnDSC_7289 aminnDSC_7307

    Minnesota Trip 2016

    Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

    We went straight from seeing my family in Indiana to Nick’s family in Minnesota.


    Pony and Mule rides!

    aindDSC_4216 aindDSC_4223 aindDSC_4242 aindDSC_4255 aindDSC_4276 aindDSC_4377 aindDSC_4385 aindDSC_4388 aindDSC_4397 aindDSC_4407 aindDSC_4454 aindDSC_4474 aindDSC_4545 aindDSC_4639

    I married him for his awesome silly faces πŸ™‚


    Little bit was in her element.



    aindDSC_4985 aindDSC_4916 aindDSC_4903 aindDSC_4805 aindDSC_4796 aindDSC_4776 aindDSC_4766


    My niece decided to teach the girls to ride a bike.

    aindDSC_5050 aindDSC_5074 aindDSC_5078 aindDSC_5095 aindDSC_5137

    Tamarack National Wildlife Refuge

    aindDSC_5158 aindDSC_5177 aindDSC_5201 aindDSC_5212 aindDSC_5225 aindDSC_5229 aindDSC_5235 aindDSC_5236 aindDSC_5234 aindDSC_5241 aindDSC_5243 aindDSC_5244

    These girls are super cute together.

    aindDSC_5253 aindDSC_5258 aindDSC_5266 aindDSC_5273_01

    aindDSC_5339 aindDSC_5356 aindDSC_5396 aindDSC_5428 aindDSC_5445 aindDSC_5460

    This is actually laughter with a good bit of fear mixed in.

    They were not all that happy about him pulling them.

    aindDSC_5464 aindDSC_5483 aindDSC_5534 aindDSC_5536 aindDSC_5542 aindDSC_5543

    aindDSC_5553 aindDSC_5575 aindDSC_5641 aindDSC_5643

    The girls got to meet Nick’s Grandma while up.


    This was really important since she went to Heaven the next month.

    I am so glad they got to know her.

    aindDSC_5653 aindDSC_5655 aindDSC_5662 aindDSC_5666 aindDSC_5679 aindDSC_5718 aindDSC_5724 aindDSC_5747 aindDSC_5762 aindDSC_5834 aindDSC_5843 aindDSC_5851 aindDSC_5865 aindDSC_6054 aindDSC_6156 aindDSC_6197 aindDSC_6216 aindDSC_6285 aindDSC_6422

    Lots of fun was had.

    Minnesota is definitely on my list of places I want to live.

    I will do a seperate post of our trip to Itasca while there!

    I took too many to share in one post!


    Lesson here?

    I take a LOT of pictures…