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    Maplewood State Park ~Pelican Rapids, MN

    Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

    Maplewood State Park

    I love this park so much that we ended up going three times while visiting family in MN!


    The first time we ended up just taking the twins and my niece.

    amnDSC_8771 amnDSC_8759 amnDSC_8773 amnDSC_8794 amnDSC_8822

    This is the woodland trail loop.

    It is under a mile but so pretty!

    amnDSC_8831 amnDSC_8835 amnDSC_8885

    I may have told my husband that I was not going home…

    amnDSC_8888 amnDSC_8890 amnDSC_8891

    Minnesota in the fall is hard to leave!

    amnDSC_8897 amnDSC_8904

    My adorable niece.

    amnDSC_8922 amnDSC_8919 amnDSC_9305

    For the second visit, we had all of our kids and came into the park from the south.


    This is a small portion of the Star Loop trail.

    amnDSC_9335 amnDSC_9346

    Next, we walked some of this beautiful trail near Maplewood Church.


    I had actually decided to try a family picture with this stunning backdrop but a birthday party started.

    I could not bring myself to get out my tripod and set everyone up for a family pic with an audience.

    amnDSC_9387 amnDSC_9396 amnDSC_9405 amnDSC_9413

    amnDSC_9469 amnDSC_9472 amnDSC_9492

    We drove into in the park a bit more and ended up stopping to take this pic on a side road.

    amnDSC_9511 amnDSC_9530

    I love how it looks like everyone is cooperating and having fun but in real life, I had one mad at me and glaring for most of the pics…

    amnDSC_9535 amnDSC_9532


    On our 3rd visit, we had just the girls(the boys opted to stay and play with cousins).

    We hiked on the Ironwood Trail.

    amnDSC_1058 amnDSC_1062 amnDSC_1067

    I can’t get over how pretty the woods were.

    amnDSC_1075 amnDSC_1077 amnDSC_1084 amnDSC_1144 amnDSC_1153 amnDSC_1164 amnDSC_1169 amnDSC_1182 amnDSC_1238

    The girls decided to throw leaves at Nick on the hike back to the vehicle.

    amnDSC_1239 amnDSC_1248

    Love these.

    amnDSC_1249 amnDSC_1250 amnDSC_1251 amnDSC_1252 amnDSC_1253

    I am already missing fall in Minnesota!

    MN Trip ~Days 1&2

    Tuesday, October 7th, 2014


    Day 1

    We drove all night and got there around 1 or 2 in the morning on Saturday.

    My boys always bounce right up in the morning, ready to play.


    My little nephew holding a frog.


    I could follow these two around all day.

    They are just so cute!


    Day 2

    Maplewood State Park


    We try to hike at Maplewood every time we are up.






    I would hand off the camera to Nick and then proceed to take pictures with my phone.

    I am a little bit addicted…


    These guys liked to yell at us.



    I walked ahead of everyone.

    There is something about walking alone in the woods that just makes me breath deep and relax.


    I spent a lot of time walking in the woods behind my parents house growing up.

    It was one of my favorite places to be.


    Grandpa making calls at Nick.

    Nick was stalking us from above.






    He is a great teacher.




    We made sure we were going to MN when the leaves were changing.

    So pretty.



    Another chipmunk to yell at us.


    The Trumpeter Swans were migrating when we visited!




    This girl has me wrapped around her finger.


    She wanted to take turns taking pictures of things with my camera and phone.

    My turn consisted of pictures of her.



    Nick and I headed back to Maplewood to catch some pics in the evening light.

    It was cloudy…

    I decided to roll with it.


    Tripod and interval timer to the rescue.


    Maplewood is a beautiful park!

    Make sure you go if you live in the area!

    Do you have beautiful fall colors where you live?


    Hiking in Minnesota at Christmas time

    Thursday, January 9th, 2014

    It was a little chilly in Minnesota this Christmas but we still had some nice days to hike!

    maplewood1stThis was our first hike.

    Maplewood State Park Woodland Trail.

    maplewoodcome maplewoodmaddie maplewoodme maplewoodusYou get pretty warm wading through thick snow!

    I made Nick go first so he had the hard part of breaking the trail.

    That is the nice person that I am…

    hillupSince it was a short hike, we hiked up to the Halloway Hill Overlook also.

    One of these days this hike will seem easy.

    In that day I will know I have turned into a superhuman…

    hillsumac nick hilloverlookThe view is always worth it!

    I might not be thinking that while hiking up that hill but once at the top I am good!

    tamaracOur boys, two of my nephews, and my mother in-law joined us for a trip to the Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge.

    We went on the Old Indian Trail.

    The visitor center was closed for renovations.

    I am looking forward to checking it out the next time we head up!

    tamaracboys tamaracboysstopIt was a bit of a rough hike for some of them but we made it!

    It would just feel wrong if I did not hike while up in Minnesota!

    Such a beautiful place!