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    Tulsa Waterworks & A Serendipitous Educational Moment

    Wednesday, May 10th, 2017


    A friend of mine was watching one of my girls for me so I had only 4 kids!

    I wanted to go for a walk and was looking around for a good place when we found a pretty big city waterworks and reservoir.



    This was perfect!

    We had just watched the Magic School Bus waterworks show on the way their!

    awaterworksDSC_3823_01 awaterworksDSC_3824_01

    It was great to talk about what we had just watched while walking on the walking path around the reservoir.

    awaterworksDSC_3825_01 awaterworksDSC_3826_01

    The cleaning process was a lot more interesting after seeing a dead fish in the water people drink…

    awaterworksDSC_3828_01 awaterworksDSC_3829_01 awaterworksDSC_3835_01 awaterworksDSC_3841_01 awaterworksDSC_3843_01 awaterworksDSC_3845_01

    Thanks dead fish for an easy teachable moment.

    Pretty sure they will remember this one.

     It would be so much fun to tour the actual waterworks!

    It was right next to us and so impressive looking!

    Pompeii and Volcanoes

    Monday, February 23rd, 2015

    Here are the books we used to study the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.


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    “Magic Tree House #13: Vacation Under the Volcano by Mary Pope Osborne

    “I Survived #10: I Survived the Destruction of Pompeii, AD 79 by Lauren Tarshis

    “You Wouldn’t Want to Live in Pompeii! A Volcanic Eruption You’d Rather Avoid” by John Malam

    “Escape from Pompeii” by Christina Balit


    We studied Volcanoes along with learning about the Mount Vesuvius eruption.

    Here are the books we used.

    “The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth (Magic School Bus)” by Joanna Cole

    “The Magic School Bus Science Chapter Book #15: Voyage to the Volcano by Judith Stamper

    “The Explosive World of Volcanoes with Max Axiom, Super Scientist (Graphic Science)” by Christopher L. Harbo

    “Big Book of Earth & Sky” by Bodie Hodge

    “Volcano Rising” by Susan Swan

    “Volcanoes (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)” by Franklin M. Branley


    We also used a Magic School Bus Kit, The Magic School Bus -Blasting Off With Erupting Volcanoes.


    The boys got a lot out of the labelling the kit had them do!

    I was really surprised by that. I thought they would get more out of the actual experiments.



    The were really interested in figuring out what types the different volcanoes we read about were.


    Sometimes I just never know what will interest them!


    They liked this experiment showing how fault lines work.



    Drawing the fault lines on his “earth”.



    Hopefully our earth does not have to be squished for an eruption to take place…



    Total destruction.



    I was a little disappointed that most of the experiments had to do with baking soda reactions to different acids.

    I guess it is the most kid friendly eruption but I felt like it did not have a lot to do with how an actual eruption takes place.



    We decided to try out one I had found online a while ago, here.

    Please buy the Corning Pyrex made for laboratory use for this experiment!

    We used regular Microwave safe Pyrex and I think it was a horrible idea.

    I read about it later and saw that it is not safe for stove tops!

    Do not use it!


    We will be buying this “Corning Pyrex 1000-600 Glass 600mL Graduated Low Form Griffin Beaker, 50mL Graduation Interval, with Double Scale before we try this again!


    The wax works it’s way up through the sand when it is heated.

    Very cool.

    We also watched Nova: Deadliest Volcanoes and Pompeii – The Last Day.

    Deadliest Volcanoes was great! It even talked about Vesuvius and that fact it is actually a part of a super volcano!

    That is crazy to see!

    Pompeii: The Last Day was a little too intense for my 7&8yr old.

    They ended up leaving because it was just too much for them.

    I enjoyed it though and I think teenagers would find it interesting but it might be too sad for young kids.

    It tried to give a story to the cast’s of people and animals that they found from the eruption.

    Both of these were available on Netflix when we did this study.


    Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

    Astronomy ~daniellehuddlestonphotography.com

    Any time we can use a Magic School Bus kit I jump at it!

    It also helps that there is a Magic School Bus episode that goes along with the kit.

    “Lost in Space”

    Plus it is on Netflix right now!



    We had a lot of trouble finding constellations using the star chart that came with the kit but thankfully I had my own.



    I also have “sky view” on my iphone!

    The boys used it for a long time trying to find out what all the constellations looked like!

    I really like that if you find a constellation, it gives you the outline of the animal or person that goes with it.



    While learning about the moon phases and solar eclipses (using things that came with the kit) I realized that a solar eclipse was supposed to happen that same day!


    Thankfully I had a UV filter for my camera and was able to get some shots of it!

    Plus, there was a live broadcast available online.


    I am determined to buy the solar eclipse viewing glasses before the next one!




    On the last evening of our month study I was finally able to find the moon with our telescope!

    It only took me two years…



    It looked incredible!


    I was so excited that I finally found something with the telescope, I squealed.

    Many times.

    In a very high pitch.

    And bounced.

    Thankfully Nick is used to me by now.

    You can check out my Pinterest board for Astronomy, here if you need more ideas.

    We were learning about Astronomy to go along with learning about Ancient Greece!

    I will post more about what we did to learn about Ancient Greece soon!