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    Lincoln Boyhood Home National Memorial ~Lincoln City, IN

    Saturday, May 27th, 2017

    This place managed to get my twins more interested in learning about Abraham Lincoln!

    I would say it was a win just for that but it was really interesting also.

    aboyhoodDSC_7139 aboyhoodDSC_7141 aboyhoodDSC_7143 aboyhoodDSC_7147

    When you marry a woodworker, you get a lot of pictures of furniture…

    aboyhoodDSC_7150 aboyhoodDSC_7169 aboyhoodDSC_7170


    aboyhoodDSC_7171 aboyhoodDSC_7174

    Another picture of a possible project.

    aboyhoodDSC_7175 aboyhoodDSC_7179 aboyhoodDSC_7185 aboyhoodDSC_7194 aboyhoodDSC_7200 aboyhoodDSC_7205

    Where Lincoln’s boyhood cabin stood.


    The girls will ask questions all day…

    aboyhoodDSC_7210 aboyhoodDSC_7213 aboyhoodDSC_7214

    Beautiful homestead they have set up.

    aboyhoodDSC_7216 aboyhoodDSC_7221 aboyhoodDSC_7232

    aboyhoodDSC_7237 aboyhoodDSC_7240 aboyhoodDSC_7241 aboyhoodDSC_7259 aboyhoodDSC_7262 aboyhoodDSC_7265

    This man was so nice and helpful!

    He answered all of my kiddos questions and believe me there were A LOT!

    aboyhoodDSC_7271 aboyhoodDSC_7276 aboyhoodDSC_7281

    Checking out where they would sleep.

    aboyhoodDSC_7283 aboyhoodDSC_7284 aboyhoodDSC_7287 aboyhoodDSC_7290 aboyhoodDSC_7292 aboyhoodDSC_7295 aboyhoodDSC_7297 aboyhoodDSC_7301

    The meat house had a piece of pig hanging in it!

    The girls did not want to be in there…


    aboyhoodDSC_7304 aboyhoodDSC_7313 aboyhoodDSC_7316

    They have actual animals and try to make it look like a working homestead!

    aboyhoodDSC_7318 aboyhoodDSC_7321 aboyhoodDSC_7323

    This was such a fun stop!!!!

    I am glad we changed our drive a bit to include this place.

    Check out more about it at their site, here.

    Next stop

    Shawnee National Forest

    History in March ~The Underground Railroad and Abraham Lincoln

    Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

    We started out March with the underground railroad for history.

    It was a hard subject to explain to a 5 and 6yr old.

    We read about Harriet Tubman in our Value Tales book and my oldest got mad.

    Very mad about the way she was treated.

    The funny thing was the civil war made more sense to him after reading about slavery.

    We read the You Choose history book on the Underground Railroad.

    I highly recommend it to anyone doing this study!

    Both of my boys (ages 5 and 6) really got into it.

    I forgot to take a picture of all the books on the underground railroad together since I really did not think we would be spending much time on it.

    After we started studying it we stretched it out for two weeks.

    This is the only picture I have of one of the other books we read.

    Friend on Freedom River by Gloria Whelan is a beautiful book.

    I have really liked all of the books I have read in the Tales of Young Americans series.

    The illustrations are beautiful and the stories pull you in.

    We listened to the three part series on the Underground Railroad by Adventures in Odyssey.

    I cried.

    It was amazing.

    We usually listen to these in the car on the way to a field trip or something.

    When I get to our destination I always feel like I am being hunted, or in the midst of a battle.

    We also read Booker T. Washington’s a Slave Among Slaves.

    It was in a reader so I had my oldest read some of it and then I finished it since it was a little long for him.

    It was a great read.

    The second part of the month we learned about Abraham Lincoln.

    Again this was supposed to be a short study but it ended up going two weeks.

    I love that about homeschooling.

    We again listened to the Adventures in Odyssey on Abraham Lincoln.

    It ends with his assassination.

    I did not tell my boys what was coming.

    I felt mean but I thought they would get more out of the story that way.

    Thankfully they did not end it with too much drama so it was not as scary as I thought it might be.

    We did the reading guide with the magic tree house lesson plan while reading the book Abe Lincoln at Last!

    They have lesson plans to go along with the Magic Tree House books!

    The reading guide is towards the end of the lesson plan.

    We only did the reading guide this time but the boys loved finishing reading our chapters and running over to the computer to see what they remembered.

    After reading the Magic Tree House book we read Mr. Lincoln’s Boys.

    They mentioned the boys in the Magic Tree House book so the boys loved reading more stories about them.

    Just a Few Words Mr. Lincoln is about the Gettysburg Address.

    At the end of the book they have the Address and the boys were excited to hear it after reading about it in the book!

    The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln was a hard book for my oldest to hear.

    I did like how it did not end with him getting shot though and continued the story until they caught Booth.

    There are a lot a good books out there on America’s history though!

    Do not give your child a book full of dates to learn history!

    Give them a good piece of historical fiction first, make history exciting!